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The Question "Scream Queens" fans have been asking since the start of the show is will there be a second season.? Yes there will be, on Friday January 15th FOX's chairman Gary Newman green-lit the second season. Despite the rumors of season two taking place at a summer camp , season two of "Scream Queens" will take place at a hospital. "It's something I've always wanted to do but never did with American Horror Story" - Says show creator Ryan Murphy.

Teaser Poster for "Scream Queens: Hospital"
Teaser Poster for "Scream Queens: Hospital"

For those unfamiliar with the slasher comedy season one took place at a university, with a killer (The Red Devil) on the loose. Fans of the show waited a whopping 12 weeks to find out who the killer was along the way we lost some of the best characters. Aside all of that we found out that the killer was no other than neck brace a.k.a Hester Ulrich a.k.a Lea Michelle. The season ended with Chanel being attacked in her bed, it never showed her dying or surviving.!

Returning Cast Members (confirmed)

  • Emma Roberts ... Chanel Oberlin
  • Lea Michelle ... Hester Ulrich
  • Jamie Lee Curtis ... Cathy Munch
  • Glen Powell ... Chad Radwell

Rumors are Ryan Murphy is in talks about bringing Taylor Swift on board for at least 1 episode. Other rumors are Harry Styles will be joining as a series regular which just pisses me off (opinion) because personally I don't like him. So what are you thoughts.? Are you excited about Season 2 or bummed out.? Comment below.


Excited for Season Two.?


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