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Jack Ryan

Batman Arkham Origins hasn't sparked too much of a liking among people online, various posts and articles say the same. However, Arkham Origins was a pretty good game, minus the constant bugs and glitches. However, even though it may seem dumb for WB Games Montreal to make another batman game, they most likely will and here's why. 1. Batman= money. Batman is the most known superhero, he has various movies, toys, video games, and much more which make lots and lots of money. The Arkham Games have all earned a ton of money, hundreds of millions, the name alone is enough to earn money, given that, it would seem like a miss to not make another batman game because batman earns the most money. 2. We the fans want the characters. If WB Games were to make a sequel to Arkham Origins, it would take place before Arkham Asylum. You could have so much characters that can only work for that time like Batgirl, Dick/Jason Robin, and more. With those characters, we could see a good story about them, like The Killing Joke or Death in the Family. Those characters would be amazing to play as in open world. 3. We want another batman game! Batman Arkham Knight was an amazing game, however, there were some bad things about it like no boss battles and only having Batman as a free roam character. WB Montreal did an excellent job with the boss battles in Arkham Origins, and can do a great job of adding more characters to free roam which would make the fans fall in love with joy! This is what we wanted in a batman game for so long and they can do it!


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