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Before i give my reasons for this, i might as well point out the obvious and then say that this article will be controversial and i'm not one to say "no hate please" but i'm definitely not asking for it so if you don't have any constructive criticism but instead just give me a "f**k you!" in the comments with no reasons behind it other than it looks "cool", then just don't bother commenting.

The Warcraft trailer was released a few months back and delivered our first look at the movie which is set for release this year and there were some good points of it such as the story line and plot that looks interesting however there were points that ruined the whole trailer for me and made it so i am not looking forward to see this.

The first point is that the movie is filled to the brink with endless CGI and its if they have not learned what so ever from other movies that over used the technology and then underwhelmed audiences everywhere.

There weer some good points made about the CGI that Jeremy Jahms outlined in one of his videos of that to keep the feel of World of Warcraft, the CGI is more then welcomed otherwise it would look like a bad Lord of the Ring rip off, which i can see the reasoning behind but i don't feel they should have used so much i mean even the armor on the human soldiers of CGI!

The next reasoning is rather broad but you think that people would have realized this now, the video game movie industry is dead! There has been so many bad movie released based around video games and i feel that Warcraft will be joining the list as well.

Hitman, Agent 47, Super Mario Bros, Street fighter, Mortal Kombat and all the Resident Evil films are just some examples of bad films in this genre of movies and its like the list does not end, i feel that Movie based around video games are a lost caused and can only in attract so many people to see them in the first place.

I certainly don't hope that the film will suck, I am a fan of WOW and i do play it, however judging from the trailer releases, that is all i can expect of it at the moment.

Please leave you opinions below and tell me what you guys think of this movie so far will it suck? Will it not? Only time will tell.


Do you think the Warcraft movie will suck?


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