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This tense, atmospheric creepfest will stick with you.

1. While dolls are scary on their own, it can be difficult to make a scary movie about them. A lot of times, they end up stupid and unintentionally funny. Yes, Annabelle, I'm looking at you. This movie takes a slightly different approach to the topic, and surprisingly, it mostly works.

2. It's about an American woman named Greta (played by Lauren Cohan, from The Walking Dead), who needs to leave some problems behind. She agrees to be a nanny for a young boy in England. The young boy turns out to be a doll, whom the parents treat like their real child. The movie knows that it's kind of a ridiculous story, and the characters admit it several times. And yet that's Greta's situation.

3. Sure, there are a couple of things you just have to accept will happen in a horror movie. But this movie is more realistic than most. Honestly, I would have acted a lot like Greta in her situation.

4. The movie was directed by William Brent Bell, who directed one of the worst demonic possession movies ever, The Devil Inside (I might have skipped this movie if I remembered that before I went. I'm glad I didn't). It was written by Stacey Menear. This is his first script, and he shows some real storytelling talent. He even managed sneak in a couple of what I can only call "reverse jump scares".

Please don't make The Devil Inside 2, William.
Please don't make The Devil Inside 2, William.

5. The stereotypical gender roles are reversed in this movie. Greta is the strong, smart heroine, and the men are less capable of handling things.

6. This is not a wild, demonic, chair-floating, ax-wielding special effects extravaganza. It's a slow burn with a real story. The trailer doesn't tell you as much about the movie as you think.

7. That ending, though.

8. If you are interested in seeing this movie, and you hate spoilers, then stay far away from anybody talking about the movie until you see it. They will tell you too much.

9. Some people will find the movie slow and boring because this isn't the new Chuckie. But if you are cool with horror movies that tell you a real story with actual characters, give this one a try.

What did you think? Was this an original horror movie, or did the trailer lie to you? Leave a comment below!


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