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i think the second killer is audrey because Audrey was shown burning letters and evidence at the end of the episode, and answer my questions :

What was Audrey's part in the murders?: After the showdown on the dock, Audrey was shown burning letters and evidence at the end of the episode. We know she was behind the mask the day Will and Piper were at the abandoned car dealership, but was that her only time wearing the mask ??

Why was Rachel killed?: Rachel was the only murder this season that the killer tried to make look like a suicide. Audrey seemed to genuinely care about her, but something had to happen that caused Piper and Audrey to take her out. Did she know too much? Did Piper get jealous of her relationship with Audrey?

Is Brandon James involved?: The body of Brandon James was never found after police shot him following the original Lakewood killing spree. Is it possible that he's still out there and was involved with getting Piper to go on a killing spree of her own? We know Emma was wrong to vouch for Audrey, so could Emma's mom Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) be wrong when she said she doesn't believe Brandon did it? Or is there a character we have yet to meet that is the mastermind behind both sets of murders, kind of like what happened in "Scream 3"?

Are Audrey and Brandon James related?: Earlier in the season, a picture of Brandon James was shown in Audrey's room that many viewers may have missed. However, the picture shown in the final few minutes of the finale was right there in focus. Why does Audrey have this picture, as well as notes from the original crime in 1994? Is it possible that maybe she too is related to Brandon James or could she even be his real daughter and Piper was lying? It's pretty obvious now that she was the one who broke into police headquarters and stole the evidence and mask, which would explain how her DNA was found inside of the mask. But there has to be some type of relation between the two for Audrey to get this involved.

What's the deal with Brooke's father, Mayor Maddox?: The Mayor Maddox storyline never really got brought back up after he was placed in jail. He said the body he was hiding in the freezer was a friend of Brooke's mother, who overdosed in the guest room of the house. Was it though? The argument can be made that Brooke was pursued almost as much as Emma by the killer. The masked murderer was going to go after her when they made Emma choose which friend lives or dies, the night in the bowling alley, and of course, at her house in the finale. Brooke had basically turned her back on him after seeing the video, so could he have also been involved with Piper and Audrey?

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