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What makes a character underrated? This is a question that's constantly swirling around inside my head, considering who would win in potential battles and why this would be remotely important when Superman is fighting Nightcrawler! (In my head, and am I the only person to think this is important - or just plain stupid and I need to become an adult?)

The definition of underrated is to underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something) and when I think of certain character in comic books - a couple of characters hurls into my mind. Some of these character are somewhat popular, others are even less - but they do they share in how underrated the public view these heroes!

Everyone is in love with you Batman!
Everyone is in love with you Batman!

Today, I'll be focusing on DC's superheroes, and why each character should be considered a formidable opponent towards anyone! This list is subjective, and my three readers should know - I went to a party and asked round twenty people. I asked what they thought of ''beepers" to gauge the popularity of certain characters.

I know that most readers do not care, but it is really tough when you write an article - and five hours later someone wrote the same one, and their's a lot more popular. It's okay, it just stings, and you'll have to overcome, if you love to write! Hopefully after taking this Moviepilot course, I'll have the tools to become a somewhat decent writer - right now I'm just doing this because I love superheroes!

I know, why go to a party and talk comic book stuff - because when I am drinking, I know that politics never mixes well with Gin'n'Tonic! So I wrote some things down, and this is my opinion of what the general public thinks about these underrated DC's superheroes!

For the initiated most of these people are well-known amongst fans like us (at the end I'll throw in some of the obscurer characters and I'll tell you people's reactions!). Please understand this list is made for people with limited knowledge of comics - and I wanted to write this to inform the uninitiated! Remember I will not go into extreme details on the characters powers. (P.S., I wrote an article about who Zoom is, and even though he says his doppelgänger is Hunter Zolomon of Earth-1, that means he is the Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2 and trying to steal Barry's speed to cure his sickness!

10. Black Canary

She is on the same level as The Dark Knight in hand-to-hand combat. People generally think less of her, because of a sexist outfit. With her Canary-Cry, she's very dangerous and the The CW portraying her as a kitten - yet to be de-clawed is horrendous. They must show her on the same league as Oliver, if they want to her to receive the respect that she have earned.


This is Batman's protege and they partake in so many arguments - defending him on being more than Batman's love interest. Dick Grayson has a very tragic backstory, and trained to become one of DC's greatest assets. You can look through all the pages of comics, and find no one with a heart like Dick's. People need to realize he can hold his own against Meta-humans and become Olympic Gold, Baton throwers! I think Scott Eastwood is playing him the new DC Universe

8. Vixen

She's coming to The CW and I cannot be more thrilled to have this immensely awesome character, sharing screen with some of the most popular heroes! With her amulet, she can mimic herself into animals and that power alone makes her severely cool! I cannot wait to see how it will be handled on The CW, let's just hope the CGI will actually make super cool and maker her a fan-favorite. We must wait and see when she''ll be introduced!

7. Starfire

This is Robin's unrequited love, and do you blame her? Why have her dress so scantily-clad. She is without a doubt the most powerful entities in any universe! She can fly and her strength is up there with Superman's! Who doesn't want to see her in live-action?

6. Swamp Thing

'I am Swapthing', he's an amazing experiment who loves Mother Earth and I would love to see his powers translate to cinemas at this current time. He can do all sorts of magical things when it comes to vegetation! He would be a spectacular in Justice League Dark, and immensely creative with what he could do!

5. Raven

I would love see how Raven would interact beyond cartoons! The only thing I would change, is her outfit - because I want everyone to take her serious, and not drool over what she's wearing. She is half-demon and her powers are endless!

4. Vibe

Most fans do not understand how powerful he truly is in DC's universe. If the Flash behaves poorly, then Vibe is called in and takes care of Barry's nefarious plans. He is Batman's contingency is\f Barry Allen goes off to the dark side!

3. Supergirl/Powergirl

Could a superpower be saving a group of passengers on the Titanic using only her breast as floating devices? If so, then Powergirl would've made this list as number one? Samantha Bee, recently made fun of how women are portrayed in comics - and she is totally right, you'll have to come up with one heck of a backstory to make her clothes plausible.

How can a Kryptonian, who stands for everything that Superman does - and still not be considered as one of the all-time greats? I watch Supergirl every Monday, the complexity of Kara's personality, makes a must-watch for geeks of all genders.

2 . Aquaman

This is the King of Atlantis and he's on the same level as Superman in more than just terms of strength, he's a true leader of Atlantis! Read the New 52 version of him and realize that he's every bit as tough as Superman! How awesome is it that he rules a secret underwater city?

1. Martian Manhunter

This is a man, who could be the strongest person in the DC's Universe! What makes him so different, he prides himself in living amongst the humans. He has so many powers (please Wikipedia them up) that you can't honestly know what the creators were trying to do with him! What makes him so amazing, is his strong sense of morality


These characters represent a vast, untapped resource into DC Comics. I am enthralled to see how/when they bring these heroes into their rightful place - admired by millions for being creating, and different from the ones we're used to seeing on the big-screen. Yes, Aquaman is receiving a movie, but he's still one of the biggest mockeries in the industry. He will also be in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! Here's the trailer:

I love Marvel, and every project they release - but if DC can somehow manage to integrate their characters into the mainstream, then the competition will be as fierce, as the backlash would be if Tyrion Lannister were to die on Game of Thrones. I do not understand the bitter rivalry of these two competitors. The better DC performs, then Marvel will have to meet challenge, or falter. This is what's best for fans, and I hope they both deliver amazing entertainment for years to come!

Thank you so much, to all of my followers, you really make me feel wonderful inside! I haven't even started two months and yet you give me confidence that I am not a horrible writer. Thank You! And please read my article that I wrote about Zoom on Jan.18th, just because I want to brag a little! I called it, that he is Zoom, I don't by the whole Hunter Zolomon act (speed mirage). He's only doing that, so Caitlin would leave him alone - so he can concentrate on stealing Barry's speed to maybe heal himself for some reason?

Dr.Fate/ HAHAHA, What, leaves us alone, you're a weird person/ It's what one girl said to me!

Toyman/ This guy just thought I was messing with him!

KGBeast/ she just said that was stupid and left!


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