ByCharles Gargotta, writer at

First thing's first I saw "The Force Awakens" and I really enjoyed many of the individual parts of it. The actors did a wonderful job moving the dialogue, the CGI was flawless and we were introduced to some new interesting characters and reunited with old ones. Now is the part where I upset people where things went wrong. First having the rebel alliance now be in the form of a hole in the ground resistance movement. This is laughable Leia and the rest easily should be the navy of the New Republic they won the war against the empire after all and established the new government therefore they should either be part of their official military OR they should be a special operations cell not some rag tag resistance. Two the empire was defeated and its government smashed along with a great portion of its' military might the idea that they could still have the resources to make another planet killing super weapon is crazy, the idea that they WOULD use those resources to build one AFTER losing two of them to the Rebel Alliance is downright idiotic. Finally habitable planets are finite resources jumping straight to blowing them up to eliminate a small presence on them is akin to using a shotgun to remove fleas from your dog its just stupid. Three re-using the tired worn out poor person on a desert planet to intro our intrepid hero is just that tired and worn out, there are other planets, Why not Nar-Shadda? the moon of the hutts? Why not Mon Calmari? home of admiral Ackbar's race? Why not anywhere BUT another desert wasteland its been done WAY too much. Four against a giant planet killing super-weapon where exactly is the new republic fleet? their scouts? You think that might get their attention maybe? There being no presence from the republic at a minimum after the use of that weapon is lunacy. This movie could have been amazingly original AND kept true to the origin, But you have got to move forward in ways that make sense, in that vein i give a lot of credit to the "hunk of junk" reference, the use of a sleazy space bar and high flying dogfights as tributes to the originals but come on there is a difference between keeping it in the universe and reusing a script which is evidently the choice that was made in production.


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