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Before we got the guarantee that we would be watching Star Wars every year for the foreseeable future, there were thousands of creative fans that continued the Star Wars saga on their own. In fact, LucasFilm supported this creativity and would even offer elements, such as sound effects, to amateur filmmakers in an effort to encourage their passion. Well, times have changed and the Force has already awakened on the big screen yet again and Disney/LucasFilm has a more aggressive slate of Star Wars films coming down the pipeline than ever before. Will the new influx of films damper fan's creativity to make more Star Wars fan fiction?

Apparently not, as writer and director Joe Sill, has added yet another story to the expansive fan fiction library and it instantly will be considered a fan-fiction classic. His newest short, Kara, is a new take on the Star Wars universe and is a must-see for all fans. The short focuses on Kara (Andra Nechita) who is force-sensitive and her father (Peter Arpesella) as they travel across a desert, in search of a Rebel base. During their journey they encounter a Rebel pilot and a band of Stormtroopers, which results in unexpected tension and violence. The lead seems to be inspired by Rey from The Force Awakens and is the perfect distraction during the long wait until Star Wars: Episode 8. Enjoy the film.

Star Wars: Rogue One will open on December 16th, 2016. Star Wars Episode 8 will open on December 15th, 2017.

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