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I decided that tonight, I wanted to see a horror movie. I figured that "The Boy" looked and sounded much better than my other option, "The Forest". I have fun at cheesy horror movies, especially on a Saturday night since the crowd is quite enjoyable to watch. The crowd delivered, overreacting to jump scares in hilarious ways.

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I went in to this movie expecting less than stellar results. I expected this to be a formulaic supernatural horror movie with jump scares that aren't really scary and a dumb plot with bad acting. The movie was actually pleasantly surprising.

The acting was actually pretty convincing. I'm going to try not to spoil it for you, but some minor spoilers may accidentally be revealed. Lauren Cohan was really good for a horror movie. She portrayed being scared well, as did she being sympathetic. Rupert Evans served as comedic relief, and was pretty good in his role too.

The first three quarters of the film play out like a rather formulaic supernatural horror film, with all of the "Don't go in there!" and "Are you kidding me?!? That's so stupid!" moments, however with the big twist comes a big turn.

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To get my rating for "The Boy", I did a weighted average of the first three quarters of the film, which I'd give a 6, and the last quarter of the movie which I'd give a 9, to get a 6.75.


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