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We all saw Jek Porkins get blown up in his X-Wing from behind in Star Wars Episode 4. Or did we?

Theories suggest that Porkins may have survived the near-fatal attack and had become very bitter at Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance for leaving him behind.

The scars on Snoke’s face suggest that he could have been injured in a great battle, such as a TIE Fighter attack. The burns could have made him bald and kindled off his beard.

Porkins may have been captured by the Empire, nursed back to health, and then pledged allegiance to his new captors.

Porkins (on left) seen with stormtrooper friend.
Porkins (on left) seen with stormtrooper friend.

Over the past 30 years, he had rose from a servant of the Empire to a General, then to Supreme Leader.

What better way to get revenge on Luke Skywalker than to brainwash and influence Kylo Ren into being against the Rebel Alliance?

Porkins was also the most eligible bachelor poised to end up with Leia, if he had come back a war hero. That was until Han Solo showed up for her daring rescue and caught her eye. After this failed romance, Porkins always filled his follower's heads with his deep hatred of Han Solo.

Finally consider this, the name Jek Porkins contains all the letters of his new identity SNOKE. This is not by coincidence!


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