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Marvel movies have been coming out hand over fist. Some heroes have yet to get their own film. Here are a list of heroes who deserve their own film and possible storylines for them.

War Machine-Within five movies all we've seen is next to nothing. Iron Man 1 nothing, 2 being controlled before a battle that showed the tip of his potential. 3 he was denied the final fight scene. Avengers he wasn't in it and Avengers 2 again was shown only the tip of his potential. When will we see what he can really do.

Possible Storyline:Iron Man busy with Avengers has his company attacked. Pepper needing help calls Rhodes to stop the attack.

Possible villain-Aim and Modok.

Hawkeye- After Avengers 2 we hear Clint has a family. Hawkeye was a great hero alone but with his family that opens plenty doors.

Possible Storyline- Clint's family has been held hostage until he does one job...kill Captain America.

Possible villain- Madam Hydra

Black Widow-A skilled assassin who has been riding the tails of other heroes. When will she get her own film?

Possible Storyline- Natasha has found connections to someone her past. Going rogue Natasha searches for her and stop a plot that could shake the world.

Possible villain-Hydra Queen

With Bucky being free of Hydra he now must cope with his mysterious past. Who knows what unlocking that will reveal.

Possible Storyline- Bucky remembers a mission he failed as the Winter Soldier. Now that failure may cost the world.

Possible Villain- The man with no face.

Storm was promised her own tv film by Fox but we never saw it. Storm is an X-man with mass potential.

Possible Storyline- Storm is called back to Africa to stop a dangerous mutant.

Possible villain- Shadow King.

After the first movie Cyclops took a back seat in the rest of the series. Yeah he had an attitude but in his defense his character wasn't well explored.

Possible story line: The mansion his hit hard and Cyclops avoids capture. Now he and a ragtag team must save his friends and the world.

Possible villain: Mr. Sinister.


Who do you want to see have their own movie?


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