ByJodi Kirven Lee, writer at

Eleven years ago, I lost the love of my life. He was a father, husband, comedian , hard working man who loved his family very much ! Cancer has it's way of taking down the best of the best! So while trying to find a fix to our pain, besides food, we new we had to come up with something that could at least bring back some of the laughter that once was a norm in the Lee house hold. One evening while laying on my bed, I hear my 2 daughters in the family room laughing so hard to something playing on the television. It was a sound that I hadn't heard since Bill's passing! As I came into the room, they both insisted that I sit and take part of what seemed to be the thing that would help to change our situation to, everything will be OK! The Friends sitcom was on the TV. At this point, we had never watched TV sitcoms, my husband didn't care to watch them. I quickly became so engaged to these 6 funny characters and found myself in tears with laughter! It is 11 years later! We own all the Friends episodes and watch them continually and still laugh and owe it to them for helping us get through such a horrid time!! We Love you Friends and you are our friend too!


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