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Theories abound about this movie, as they obviously would, after so many questions left unanswered. Fans have waited for this installment for so long that of course their minds would be reeling after seeing it. Some people can't stand to see the creativity at work, while some thrive on it. I personally just move along if I don't care for a fan theory, but for those that can't seem to do that, please feel free to choke on your own bile, as opposed to shitting on TRUE fans, who are happy to speculate and discuss the franchise they love.

Now then...on to the meat of this theory. It's nothing new, but perhaps some of the reasoning may be new. I submit for your approval, the "Rey is Luke's daughter" theory, version 20342-5and something.

Now, the movie implies it pretty heavily that she's Luke's daughter. First, the lack of Luke through the entire movie is a pretty healthy nod in that direction. No one else that sees her breaks out into "My long lost daughter!" sobs, so the only one left to speculate on that is Luke, who remains silent in the end, but I believe this is because of the dire implications he knows come with the fact that she has found him. I think he sent her away because of his visions. We know from the cave on Dagobah that he can see the future, although it's rather cryptic to him. This is one of the abilities the force manifests in Luke. Not every Jedi can use the force in the same manner. Sure, some things are commonplace, but some just come easier to individual Jedi. I believe he saw the downfall of his school, and knew that he had to do something to save Rey, so he sent her away. He also knew that, as long as she and he weren't together, the rest of the visions he had wouldn't come true. Now that she's found him, it's a clear indication that the future he wished to avoid was at hand. That doesn't give him the warm fuzzies that we'd expect from a father daughter reunion, naturally.

Anyway, we know Rey is waiting for some people to come back to pick her up. Maz Kanata tells her that they're not coming back, but there is someone who might, to which Rey breathes "Luke...". I feel that, whether through trauma, the force, or just the fact that it was so long ago, she doesn't remember anything before being dropped off. Luke, not wanting to tip off any enemies that could track her, had her sent away with other students, who dropped her off at the unlikeliest place they could find...Jakku. Unkar Platt, whose job it is to keep her safe, and (more importantly) in place, makes sure she gets food, but never enough to get ahead, and possibly escape. This is why he tries to purchase the droid, at first, then tries to have it stolen. He's trying to fulfill his obligation to keep her there, where she's safe.

This also explains Rey's supposed "out of the blue" force powers. If this is correct, first, she's a Skywalker. That's force royalty, right there. So she's packing some serious force heat, already. Second, if she DID grow up in daddy's new Jedi academy, she's been getting training probably since she could hold a training saber. So it's really no surprise when she not only knows what a Jedi mind trick is, but how to use it. Or how to handle a light saber, without losing bodyparts. Now, mind you, I lean towards the notion that her mind was probably protected by blocks put in place via the force that would keep her from using her Jedi powers to escape Jakku, and maybe give away her position to those Luke is trying to hide her from. But, it's a safe bet that, while plotting against the academy, The Knights of Ren discovered that maybe someone was sent away. A girl. Which would explain why Kylo said "You're the girl...", at one point. He knew if he could corrupt her, he wouldn't have to face her, so he tried to turn her during the battle, because he knows who she is, and what is coming.

Now, of course, this is all just speculation. Maybe I'm falling for some red herrings the movie threw out, and maybe I'm spot on. No one will know, until the other movies come out. What do you guys think?


What do you think is the answer to the mystery of Rey's identity?


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