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Star Wars: The Force Awakens DOESN'T SUCK! Woo, Hoo! So, after it's all said and done, we need to look ahead to Episode 8, I bet Rian Johnson will deliver a movie worthy of becoming the Empire Strikes Back of this trilogy.

Call this fan fic, predictions, fan fic, or whatever: This is my prediction of how Episode VIII will be like:


Order Of The Sith symbolizes the ultimate rise of the sith in this movie, by Snoke and the first order, the Sith are fully back, baby.


  • -Rey
  • -Finn
  • -Poe Dameron
  • -Kylo Ren
  • -Snoke A.K.A Darth Plagueis
  • -Sean Hawkeye/Darth Shan (Benicio Del Toro)
  • -Luke Skywalker
  • -Captain Phasma/ Mara Skywalker/Wade
  • -Leia Organa
  • -Darth Killanous
  • -Darth Wan
  • -Chewbacca
  • -Artoo
  • -Threepio
  • -BB-8
  • -Eddard Kenway
  • -Admiral Ackbar
  • -Palpatine (Flashbacks)
  • -Rey Hawkeye (Wife, Flashbacks)
  • -Darth Vader (Flashback)
  • -Uncle Slade Hawkeye (Flashbacks
  • -Alley Spy
  • -Jess Testor



it's been three years since the fall of The First Order and the battle at Starkiller Base, and General Leia Organa has issued a new senate, one of them is he mysterious leader of a species who live in a planet close to the destruction caused by the First Order, and has asked Leia, to enter the senate, in order to preent something like that from happening ever again (The mysterious dude asking to be part of the Senate is Sean Hawkeye, the one Del Toro is playing)

Rey and Luke Skywalker train at the abandoned planet of Ach-To, having already revealed everything to her " I did it to protect you from Ben" he said "I couldn't believe it, all of my students...massacred. i was lucky enough to save you, Rey" he added "I had this dream...of that time" Rey said "Ben, the students...all the death and you" She said also "I waited and waited, for someone, in that hell" she cried " I know, and i did everything to reach you but the First Order rose and i could not do anything,me..and youre father"" Luke said, and they stared at eachother for a while, then we cut to:

Poe, Chewbacca, BB-8 and Finn, with Poe into the pilot's seat, and Finn as the co-pilot, "Who's this Calrissian guy we're after" Asks Finn "He's a friend of General Solo and General Leia, don't know much expect that" Answers Poe, Chewbacca Growls! "And Chewie's" Says Poe. BB-8 BEEPS.

(Note: After Han's death, Poe and Chewie formed a bond, same as Chewie and Han did, with Chewie somehow viewing him the same as Han, after all, we all know that Disney is making Poe the new Han Solo!, which is beyond awesome, cause everyone loves Poe, including myself, and should have been more in the film, and atleast met up with Rey)

What Kalri Looks Like, probably
What Kalri Looks Like, probably

Finn and Poe land on Kalri, a small planet full of assasins, bounty hunters and criminals, they enter a small bar with Chewie left behind in the ship, and ask the manager, "You know a Lando Calrissian?" asks Poe "A what? I don't know no Lando Calrissian" said the manager.

Meters away from the whole Poe and Manager situation, Lando, disguised with another name, is having fun and drinking with some other aliens, until his ears hear his real name, and he goes over by, there.

" Hey, hey, what's going on here, Aja?" says Lando, "This punks come in here asking me things i don't know. You know a Lando Calrissian, Dande?" Said the manager, uttering his fake name, Lando then was scared and pulled Poe and Finn at the corner pulling out his blaster and threaten them "You here by Dalek Framan's order, punks?" Poe answers, with a wisecrack " No, i don't know who that is. And WE are here with the Resistance" Lando takes a step back " Resistance, huh? I heard about you. Why you here for?" Finn talks " We just want to talk, alright?" Lando looks at him, like he discovered something " Do i know you from somewhere?" He asks "Um...I don't-know" Finn replies "You remind of my son" He says. As Finn and Lando look at each other, Chewie comes in, growling, Lando notices him and rejoices. "Chewie!" Shouts Lando, in happiness. "You know these punks?" Chewbacca growls 'Yes', then Lando lets the off the hook.


Outside an ancient temple, a ship, lands with Kylo Ren, and some stormtroopers. Inside the temple is Snoke, with him waiting for Ren, in a dark robe, he is tall, but not that tall, a little taller than Kylo.

As kylo joined him, in watching the huge statue of the first ever sith, unknown, his name is.

"Supreme Leader, i am ready to complete my training, and destroy Skywalker" , says Kylo Ren, and Snoke, looks back to him, and says "The jedi are fooled by their flawed ideology" he presumes "Skywalker is a threat, and none of your familiar ties should demolish the darkness in you" he then continues "Anyone is expendable, and it doesn't matter who he or she is, or what they are, they can be destroyed, killed. Because the people that don't stand by the Dark Side must be destroyed, and that includes...the girl" Ren looks at him "But....Shan and- you said that the-" Snoke pauses him " As i said, risks have to be taken, and everyone can die..suddenly, if they don't matter at all, that is. It doesn't matter what their position, and their value truly is, everyone is expendable. and i will do anything in my power to cover the galaxy in darkness. in which my apprentice failed".

General Hux, comes into the temple, informing snoke "Supreme Leader, General Toro is on his way here" Snoke answers "Good" Then to Kylo "Ren" then Kylo, who understands what Snoke is saying through his nod, takes off his mask, and looks at Hux " Your work is highly valued, General...But i am afraid that time has come to an end" Huxis confused "What?" Then, BOOM, Kylo grabs Hux, with the force, and kills Hux, by choking him, and then lets him off, with Hux's dead body on the floor, rooting. "The dark side is strong in you, Ren" Snoke says "You're Ben Solo no more, now you've become Kylo Ren"


The New Republic, in a senate meeting, we see Leia, Admiral Ackbar, Sean Hawkeye (Darth Shan) having a meeting (Totally not Prequelish) and General Of Army, Eddard Kenway, who is a long friend of Leia's, a young roguish type of guy (Imagne Matt Ryan with long, black hair)= and a jedi robe or something) Kenway says " After the destruction of Starkiller Base, the First Order has quietly dissapeared from the surface of the galaxy, nothing has been heard of since" Leia says "Good, but the more they stay they stay hidden , the more my worries become because we can't know for sure, what they are up to" Kenway then adds "Yes, and-" Then Sean Hawkeye jumps in "May I? Please" then Leia allowes him to talk "Yes, Lord Hawkeye "The First Order is more dangerous, even more than we thought, they lure people in to the dark side, such as your son, and i am truly sorry about that, General Leia, and they need to be stopped, the Massacre three years ago was only the beggining, and i am afraid that their reign of terror is nowhere near being finished".

Everybody looks at him, siding with him, and then looking down.


In a small corner of a city in the New Republic planet, we see a slimy corner, with a figure with a dark hood which resembles a sith, red robe, and his face, we cannot see.

He waits there, as another shadowy figure comes, this time, the second shadowy figure pulls his hood back, and reveals himself as Sean Hawkeye A.K.A Darth Shan, the other figure is a First Order spy "The Supreme Leader demands answers, Shan" Shan responds "He will get some soon enough, but as it stands, i need more time...and a team" The spy argues "No, secrecy must be kept" Shan then sighs and speaks "Fine, i'll do it myself".

(NOTE: Benicio Del Toro's Character is from a strange and cool species, they are human, but his eyes turn red, to showcase power of the dark side. Cool, huh?)

(This is Part 1 of my story prediction and treatment, and you're probably saying HOLY SHIT, SO MUCH TEXT!!, deal with it, and read it if you want, and like it, if you want, and i promise Part 2 is on it's way, soon)


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