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Star Wars has always been the fame and the most loved movie and comic of people. The love of people for this franchise gets increased day by day, and it can be easily seen by the release of Star Wars: Episode VII The - Force Awakens that become the most grossing movie of 2015 so far. Well, some facts make this film the most loved and grossing movie of all time, which includes its characters like Han Solo, Finn, Rey and some robotic characters like Droid BB-8.

The love of fans got too high that they also desire to attire like there favorite character and look alike them. Han Solo is in the top of the list when it comes to costumes. Well, unfortunately, Han Solo has died in the 7th Episode of Star Wars, but its love will remain same for fans as it was when the first Star Wars movie got released.

Han Solo wears a classic and decent style in each Star Wars movie and the 7th Episode, he maintains his style. He wears a White Shirt with an outstanding Brown Jacket that has his famous three bullet pockets where he uses to keep the bullets from his gun. Han does use a belt combined with a holster that holds his gun. Brown pant and boots complete the look of for what he’s famous. You can make your own Han Solo costume with the help of Guide below.


Another famous character in the 7th Episode of Star Wars was Finn that was portrayed by John Boyega. His attire is famous because of his jacket that was gifted by Poe Dameron, who was the X-Wing Fighter Pilot and another famous character of all time in Star Wars franchise. Finn was a Stormtrooper but later become the center of attraction of the film. His jacket was perfectly designed for such a big role having lots of detailing and padding like never before. He does a black round-neck shirt, black pant, and shoes to complete his look for Star Wars. You can be easily Finn with the help of guide mentioned below.


Chewbacca has always been a friend of Han Solo and has always maintained being beside him and help Han Solo out while fighting to the predators. Same in The Force Awakens, he was there, and it makes the followers fall in love with this character. However, his costume is designed to make him look like a unique animal Star Wars world but still they do want to look like Chewbacca. There is a famous Chewbacca hoodie that can get you to look like him. You can get that in the guide below.

Chewbacca Costume Guide

Rey, who has been known as the most famous character in Star Wars franchise, is famous for her outfit. She wore a very simple but eye-catching attire that gives her the opportunity to be in the Top 7 Costume List of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Her costume has her dress that you’ll not usually see in movies, her shows and the weapon that she holds in her hand while fighting in partnership with Finn. The guide below will make it easy for you to make your Rey Costume.


With Rey, there was her robot friend Droid BB-8, who was always with her in the movie. Well, there is no such costume, but the lovers of Star Wars are in deep affection with this character and have made their way to make their BB-8 Costume. Here is the guide for you that will help you making your Droid BB-8 costume.


Darth Vader, whose character was as important as Han Solo's character, was. He performs the role of villain in the film, and this also makes him attract the attention of many star wars fans towards him and his costume. The costume is predicted to be the best costume for Halloween 2016 and the upcoming Comic-Con events. You can take help from the guide below to make your own Darth Vader costume.


Last but not the least, the suit of Stormtrooper also managed to be in the Top 7 Costumes of Star Wars list. Stormtrooper was the force of Darth Vader that fights with him and kills his enemies. There is a fact in Star Wars: The Force Awakens that Daniel Craig (well known as James Bond) portrayed one of the Stormtroopers that makes this costume be the best. The guide below will direct you how to make your Stormtrooper costume.


Well, all these 7 Costumes were the best in Episode 7 of Star Wars, and yet the movie is as good as its costumes. Let me know that did this guide help you making your Star Wars costume?


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