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I was only able to watch one movie yesterday. I wanted to watch a horror movie, so I saw "The Boy"

The Boy

"The Boy" was a rather unoriginal entry in to the supernatural "creepy doll" subgenre of horror, or at least so it seemed, but it actually took a big twist at the end, for the better. Good acting and cinematography top it off. B

The Winner

Obviously, "The Boy" is the winner because it is the only movie I was able to see yesterday.

Film News: Jonas and the Box Office

Much of the news yesterday revolved around winter storm Jonas and its effect on the box office. I think that Jonas may have been influential in the commercial prospects of the new releases, "The Boy", "Dirty Grandpa", and "The 5th Wave", but I don't think that these films had the best commercial prospects anyway. Add in lackluster reviews and the Oscar nominations being announced last week, I think that some of their audiences might be busy catching up on the Oscar nominees that are expanding.


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