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For all the Marvel fans out there I thought I would put together many of the rumors I've seen floating around online and jam them all into one little article.

Everything below is just a rumor, don't be upset if it turns out not too be true, but by god if some of it is that would be great!


Instead of the impressive costume we've all seen in movies lately, the classic red and blue, the MCU Peter Parker will have a suit assembled with all the gear that a generic teenager would get his hands on. This does make sense of course but we know that spider must get a real suit at some point with web shooters and all.

Well current rumors also suggests that Peter has been spider man already for roughly a year during the events of Captain America: Civil War. He is currently considered a 'Myth' by most, if not all, of the avengers but I highly suspect fury has an eye on Peter.

This brings me to another point, one that is quite spicy, we might have already seen Peter. Well maybe, but here is a look at who a lot of fans think might be Spidey!

Iron Man with the purported Peter Parker
Iron Man with the purported Peter Parker

There is a great article on MoviePilot from a fellow writer about this theory, go check that out here!

Since Iron Man 2 took place around 2010 in the MCU, taking place approximately 6 months after the first Iron Man, it took place around 6 years before Captain America: Civil War when we first meet Peter Parker. Since Peter is estimated to be around 15 or 16 in Civil War, this would mean Parker was around 9 or 10 during the events of Iron Man 2. That appears to be around the same age as the boy above.

So this theory really fits well into the MCU and with most of the other theory's.

So back to Spidey's look. Well its theorized that the man himself, Tony Stark, will be the man to give Spidery the resources he needs to make a better costume. At this point we don't think this means that Spidey will get an Iron Spider suit, seen below, but it would make sense and the suit could have a few extra things taken from the 'Iron Spider' suit to help the MCU Spiderman stand out.

The Iron Spider Suit
The Iron Spider Suit

Other rumors meanwhile point to Tony Stark not only being a mentor to Spider-Man, but the inexperienced hero being on . In the comics and during other marvel productions, Spiderman and Iron Man have a very close friendship and we've already seen how close Tony got during Iron man 3 with Nova ... I mean, Lets leave that for another article.

Join me tomorrow and everyday there after when I delve into more Marvel rumors and don't forget to follow for articles daily!


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