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possible spoiler for Legends of tomorrow,arrow and flash so if you didn't watched the latest episodes yet reading ahead is at your risk

After seeing all those forcefully wedged in setup episodes in arrow and flash I didn't had my hopes up for LOT. Before started watching the pilot episodes I said to myself 'let's just wipe slate clean, let just forget all those episodes ever happened, the worst is over.I mean scripts wouldn't be worse than 'let's bring back Sara' episodes right......?Right..? Well...........they Just proved me wrong :( I'm so........ Disappointed that I'm writing my first ever blog and I hate typing

The show takes off from London on year 2166,a dark night,burning buildings,machines flying around shooting people,laser guns, pews... Pews..... And T-800 shows up WAIT WHAT !? It's just generic bad guys with guns I mean laser guns (went a little side track there, not goanna happen again)then someone throws a Molotov thingy at one of them but he just continues to walk and shoots at people while on fire like nothing happened, because cobra soldiers won't feel pain, they are brain..........WAIT NOOOO...(SHUT UP BRAIN!!! TURN YOURSELF OFF) yada yada yada ENTER THE BIG BAD GUY "VANDAL SAVAGE"(dha dha dha thaaaaaaaaa) an Immortal whose been on the planet for thousands of years influencing history through out the time line with so much in discretion that a futuristic time travel ships super computer can't track (apparently) to one ultimate goal, to get where he is now,to rule the entire just walk around the park with his generic buddies bad-guy-body-guards. Shooting at random kids parents,then talking to them,asking them whether they want to join his club and then to shoot them in the face............. Nice !!! WAIT WHAT? WHAT!? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW !?? Big bad immoral criminal mastermind, the single dictator of earth, walking around park declaring he knew your mother, killing off resistance, along with his minions? Seriously?( I need a break) I mean they could've gone so many other ways. They could've just showed the ruins and bunch of dead bodies and all those black suited goons could've been just marching through the dead valleys

Phew.....whoosh... Where were we hum......ENTER THE HERO named Rip hunter standing in an encircled hall trying to convince the council full of people that he needs a certain ship to save the world.then they refuse,the green lantern Hal Jordan teams up with his buddy and steals the ship which operated by an artificial intelligence named aiya.........(oops! That's exactly happened in GLA animated series) sorry about that who wrote these things? Anyway here rip hunter steels the time traveling ship which is operated by an another A.I named Gideon

Then Mr.hunter travels back in time.shows up around bunch of places flashes his teleporting gun in front of our heroes and transport them on top a building and tells them that he is a time traveler and he needs these guys help to save the world and gives them an address to show up tomorrow and everybody shows up next day but dr. Stain essentially drugs and kidnaps his firestorm partner a 20 year old kid ah....whatever At least the story is moving forward after some awkward rush written dialogs to know the exact location of vandal savage they plan to meet a professor who is about die in 24 hours. because since the point of time travel interference so close to his death there would a minimal effect on the timeline hum, this is the one shard script which actually makes sense anyway after way too awkward dialogs captain cold and hot along with white canary visits a bar in the 70s and essentially rough up the place(man I wish they would've at least let canary dance for a minute)

yada yada yada ships gets damaged which leads to a bit of in fight at that point rip hunter reveals that his family was killed by savage, and he recruited all of them because they were in-significant and had minimal effect on on their own timeline and BOOM....! A silent bomb just imploded in my head at that moment .I could've easily turned blind eye about all those blunder I mentioned earlier all those reference from terminator G.I Joe and countless other potential plot loopholes(yup there were even more a lot more) but this is just wrong I mean this is why this article title says colossal waste of an golden opportunity.

In the words of rip hunter the former master time traveler these guys were insignificant in their timeline and interact with person who is about to die would minimize the side effects of time line of the history. So why in the world they didn't used that idea to introduce white canary and atom? Think about it first let's go back to where theta killed Sara. Sara lance is in the arms of her sister about to die with three arrows in her body and rip hunter shows up teleports her to his advanced ship and fixes her up and all Lorelei could perceive was just a white flash of light and her sister body was gone THIS COULD'VE SAVED ARROW FROM AN EMBARRASSING AND STUPID STORY LINE.again when ray-palmer was in lab and about to die rip could've showed up and saved his ass!!(AGAIN ARROW COULD"VE BEEN SAVED FROM ALL THOSE EPISODES)so sara and ray would've had no choice but to embrace the idea of time traveling heroes since they were supposed to die in their time line far hawk duo it's only natural to join hands with rip to kill vandal savage especially he killed them successfully 206 time and even after turning into dust savage survived time travel would provide an ideal sanctuary and powerful offensive play against their life long enemy savage captain cold & hot would've agreed to come along to steel stuffs ( although it's bit out of character that he just up and left his beloved sister) and firestorm is for shear scientific curiosity,although I believe it would've been better story if they had killed of stains wife and the kid motivates stain to takes this journey to save the world in that way all would've had their own reason to join the team instead 'let's go save the world' party line.

I just hope that future episodes will be better


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