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Starting from the beginning
Clare Dunsford

Why hello there. I have decided as well as reviewing the Doctor Who Classic's in between them I will be reviewing TV series and films. Though these will defiantly not be as detailed as my Doctor Who Reviews.

After some fussing I chose to start of with Derek. A series many people I know have watched and told me to check it out. Now was it worth 23 minutes of my special (Not really) spare time?

Lets see.

Derek introduces us to a couple of characters that we notice straight away are going to be our supporting characters for the series. Hannah, Dougie and Kev. Our main character of course is Derek. I also realised I had long nick names for them. Hannah, maybe love interest? And someone is seems to nice and Derek's literal care taker. Dougie, the normal one, though doesn't look normal and rather cartoon like with his side burns, not from reality somehow. Kev, the slob who I want to strangle, even though I love being lazy and can see that type of life being fun but still, move of you ass Kev! I don't know why Derek likes you! Yes Dougie I'm just as confused as you are.



He is cute, innocent thing that must be protected from this world and I can understand Hannah's behavior towards him. Someone give him a hug. Can I give him a hug? Though I must say it is incredibly funny to compare Derek to David from the Office, which I haven't seem much of but have seen enough to find the character differences entertaining. Yes, I know, I know its called acting. But still. I really love comparing completely different characters that are played by the same actor, and find it funny....

As you can tell I may have to much spare time on my hands.

The characters, thought mostly Hannah and Dougie are trying to get rid of and protect the nursing home they all work in from the council. When I say work, well....WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE KEV?!

Though have to say his scene where a man from the council, there was a women as well but can't be bothered to learn their names, saw Kev in bed with a old lady worked well and I found it very entertaining, unfortunately yes that is how it sounds. What he was doing there I'll leave up to your imagination. Oh stop being so dirty minded! Okay, okay, only kidding he was taking a nap, apparently.

Most scenes where very funny but also sweet. And I cheered along with the residence when Dougie finally snapped at told of the council man to shove of. So far I believe my favorite characters are Derek and Dougie. Hannah was also very lovely. Her interactions with Derek was heartwarming.

Was it worth the watch?


Very much so and I can't wait to watch the next episode. Apart from wanting to scream in Kev's ear and tell him to get a job, a great episode.

Hope you all had a good week and see you soon x


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