ByDaniel Maxwell-Perry, writer at

Despite what most people say, I think the dark knight rises was the best in the trilogy. While it ended the trilogy perfectly, I would be interested in seeing another sequel. According to rumours, the main villain was supposed to be the riddler. Being one of my favourite batman villains I would be interested in seeing what Christopher Nolan could do with the character.

It would also make alot of sense. The dark knight rises pinned batman against his physical match (Bane). So it would be good to see a dark adaptation of batman's intellectual match. I remember watching the riddler in batman forever. Jim Carrey played the character perfectly. Whoever they would've cast they were never gonna be better than jim Carrey. I hear that Leonardo da caprio was considered for the role. That's the only thing wrong since I'm not a big fan of Leonardo da caprio. But overall I would definitely be interested in seeing a movie like this. If the DC universe weren't already doing there new batman story I would say yes to this movie.


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