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Matthew Anthony

Hey everyone, I think I will start a weekly trailer round-up post, as much as I can with whatever time I might have. I will re-post the epic trailers I have made recently so everyone can come to one place to watch and get caught up with some pretty interesting, unique fan-made trailers!

This week I have three trailers that were created:

"The Batman" (2018) movie will hopefully be directed by Ben Affleck, I feel that "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be a success and he will helm the new Batman film coming out in a few years.

This trailer was a fixed trailer from the past re-uploaded and with a pretty cool story behind it. Basically, I really enjoy Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight films and this would be the "4th" film in the series, if and when anything would come out next in his franchise.

This was also an older trailer originally that I created, but now it was re-edited with additional scenes, some new music and more! Enjoy!

I hope to do this type of a post every week and get everyone up to date with some really cool fan creations! My reaction videos are also new now on my YouTube page and please feel free and check out my social media links below. Thanks!

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