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It is basically the most common thing in fan art. To mix the Disney princesses and other Disney characters up with various other fandoms. Everything has happened in the past from some awesome crossovers. We've had Harry Potter mash-ups:

As well as some really interesting gender swaps...

And then some pretty weird stuff...

And some incredibly weird stuff!

But Disney princesses are headed from the glory of their castles into jail cells in new art by Maria Bayley.

That's right, she has taken Disney characters and mixed them up with the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary. Let's take a proper look at some of the best ones

Elsa as Piper Chapman!

It is easy to see the similarities here. The good rich girl whose life falls apart, leading to her dark side revealing itself. Sound familiar?

Belle as Daya Diaz!

There are less similarities here, but they are both the sweet, naive girl in their stories.

Mulan as Alex Vause!

I can't really see anything in this one. Mulan dresses up like a man, Alex is a lesbian? Is that a similarity? I don't think so. But they do kind of look alike in these pictures.

Ariel as "Red" Reznikov!

But... Ariel is a lovely teenager, and Red is a "tough as nails" Russian lady. This one seems pretty crazy.

Rapunzel as Nicky Nichols!

Well, Nicky always seemed pretty insane, and Rapunzel has been locked in a tower her entire life. So I guess it makes sense that she would have some insanity about her.

Tiana as Sophia Burset!

These two don't seem very similar either really. Although they both have dreams and have people trying to stop them achieving those dreams.

Snow White as Gloria Mendoza!

Honestly, I kind of thought Snow White would be more comparable to Lorna, but this is interesting too.

Of course, this isn't the first time we have seen this crossover. There was an amazing video by YouTuber OnlyLeigh which highlighted some of the similarities between many characters, and was hilarious too!

Pretty fascinating stuff. Thanks again to OnlyLeigh and Maria Bayley for bringing us those amazing creations. And if you're itching for your latest dose of Orange is the New Black, you can check out the fourth season on Netflix from June 12th!

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