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Dear readers,

This is an old post from one of my other blogs but it's 2016 people! Recycling is in and bigger than ever! So instead of finishing the worshop I'm meant to be doing I'm here doing something "productive"-working on my writing skills and promoting kpop artist-G.Soul.

He is managed under JYP Entertainment [i know sirens! BIG NAME] and has been a trainee for 15 years. 15 YEARS! I know it's insane! And I have high hopes for him as a result.

In early 2015 he made a big splash releasing his debut mini album-Coming Home with his title track 'You'. Following this mid 2015 he released tracks such as 'Love me Again' and 'Till I Die'.

I definitely fell in love with this track as well!
I definitely fell in love with this track as well!

I have to say-I hesitated writing Kpop because this guy, more than anything doesn't give off the pop vibe, but rather his music is similar to a mash up of Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams and is more fitted to the category of R&B.
His MV, some may complain is a little too simple for a debut MV. I mean look at other e.g. EXO's Mama comes to mind how many teasers was it again? 1? 2? Oh I'm sorry 11 times that: at least 22!!!!! But I've got to say although Exo's Mama MVs really amazed and wowed me, G.Soul's performance moved me. The simplicity of it, and the fact it's just him singing acts to showcase the strength of his vocals.
Especially when it comes to the chorus-hands up if you lip synched that part. I did-the first, second and third time. Oh whoops I'm doing now-listening to the song-whilst writing this post.

Another thing I feel I should mention, is to any readers-apparently it's futile to look for live performances such as on Music Core etc. Speculation as to why G.Soul has yet to perform a live performance is that it is likely that he is hoping to shift his image away from that of an idol and is hoping to only showcase his music making skills similar to that of an American artist in comparison to that of a Korean artist who seems to act more as an all round entertainer [i.e. including dancing, variety shows etc..]

Again this only speculation-just a friendly warning that is all. By the way if this is really what he's doing then I respect him for that-it's really cool that he's trying to form a new way for korean singers to thrive rather than having to advertise everything about themselves. Not that I have anything against that kinda of stuff-I mean I'm the one that's buying it so......

From his album: my favourites are definitely 'Coming Home', 'You' of course and 'First love'.
'First love' has a very 80's love ballad feel {that's the word to describe that comes to mind don't hate!}, similar to Daft Punk and it has me bopping my head to it in time. [I said 'bopping' oh the shame-but continues to bop her head]

Other recommendations are also his american single covers such as Pharrell's 'Happy' and his cover of Rihanna's 'Stay With Me'.

Well I look forward to seeing what G.Soul has to show for himself (15 years and all!)

Wish me luck on my work! And wish G.Soul luck on his future endeavors.

당신을 사랑합니
Love you!
Listen to music it feels good


Neon Out!

G.Soul bringing a different style to the industry?
G.Soul bringing a different style to the industry?

P.s Incoming information-apparently the dude's notable for having been lil jon's protegee
Who knows?????? Just a fun fact or non fact (?????)


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