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Pokemon is one of the biggest gaming franchises of the last 20 years, and with the re-release of Pokemon: Red, Blue and Yellow, I thought it would be cool to show off some awesome fan art made by DeviantArt user, Arvalis!

1. Steelix

Generation: 2

Steelix loses a lot of it's rocky look here in this rendition, but he somehow looks scarier than before! That poor Onix stands no chance!

2. Kyogre

Generation: 3

Pokemon Y's legendary, Kyogre looks exceptionally god-like in this and definitely looks as powerful as he really is!

3. Gyarados

Generation: 1

You all know this guy, he's been around since the start! But have you ever seen him this terrifying? I recommend staying out of this dudes way.

4. Abomasnow

Generation: 4

This rendition of Abomasnow is a fantastic job of bringing the scary Pokemon to life. He seems to have a bit of an owl face in this picture, pretty scary I have to say.

5. Kyurem

Generation: 5

This is one bad-ass dragon brought fantastically to life in a hyper-realistic form! If you come up against this guy, you know you're screwed.

6. Noivern

Generation: 4

Noivern is probably my favorite of the bat-family, he really out-cools all the others in this depiction! I wish we got a look at his mega-evolution!

7. Lugia

Generation: 2

Lugia looks like a true leader of the sea in this picture where every other sea-creature is looking to just stay out of the way of this amazing Pokemon!

8. Feraligatr

Generation: 2

Feraligatr looks exceptionally cool in this one, he would even fit nicely in a Jurassic World sequel.

9. Meganium

Generation: 2

Meganium looks sorta sick in this one along with the other Pokemon here, but damn does he look realistic.

10. Giratina

Generation: 4

I gotta admit, I don't like this one, mainly because I hate bugs and Giratina looks like the biggest nope I've ever seen. I don't think bug spray will work with this guy.

11. Typhlosion

Generation: 2

One of the coolest Pokemon from the 2nd generation looks even more bad-ass in this fantastic rendition!

12. Aggron

Generation: 3

I think this may be one of the most accurate ones on the list! By that, I mean that he doesn't look much different from the original while also looking exceptionally realistic!

13. Honchkrow

Generation: 4

The bird-family here look scarily fierce in this battle!

14. Gengar

Generation: 1

Gengar is one of the most popular ghost Pokemon there is, and this version is nightmarish! This may haunt you're dreams forever..

15. Mewtwo

Generation: 1

We all know Mewtwo is the best Pokemon ever and here he is as a realistic depiction! This one looks more like he doesn't like humans as opposed to the original!

If you liked this article, then I'll do a second part because we know how many more Pokemon there are! Be sure to follow my profile for more related posts!


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