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Some things in life you never knew you needed until you heard it was coming. Such things include a new Star Wars film. Well, this weekend the New York/New Jersey heroes and villains fanfest was hit by Winter Storm Jonas, and Stephen Amell, along with John Barrowman, took to Facebook to assure their loyal fans that the show would go on regardless of the weather.

And, although a state of emergency was declared on Saturday, forcing a cancellation, the show went on as scheduled on Sunday! While there was a lot of snow, which even forced Amell to help get a car Barrowman was driving unstuck...

The festivities still occurred, and we got some awesome shots from the fest!

But by far the best moment released so far is a video which shows Amell and Barrowman getting into the spirit of the weather, and singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" from Disney's Frozen at a panel!

Amazing, right? I had no idea Amell could actually do a little singing, and that asks the question:

Could We Get an Arrow Musical Episode?

Of course not, but it would be absolutely amazing, and we can always dream!

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