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Uçman Balaban

My name is Uçman Balaban and I'm a motion graphics artist from Turkey. Like many people, I am also a big Star Wars fan, and naturally I was really excited for Star Wars: Force Awakens. Being the motion graphics artist that I am, I decided to do a little countdown to celebrate the film's release to cinemas. So, I designed and animated 15 gifs and uploaded them daily leading up to the premiere.

I usually draw everything in Illustrator and import them to After Effects and then animate them. It's really not that hard when you are ok with sitting in front of a computer for very long time!

Ren <3 Vader

Empire State's Back

Rebel Scum!

Surfin' Dagobah

Not again!

Your Worshipfulness


More Powwaa!

Scruffy looking nerf herder

Haters gonna hate

Endor camp vibes

Jedi Academy

*Pew pew*

Finn The Trooper (Adventure Time crossover)

FINALLY going to see The Force Awakens!

This project was really fun to do and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed animating them.

If you are a big nerd like me and love superheroes, cartoons and movies you should check out my Instagram for daily uploaded loops. As a little added bonus, here's is a Simpsons for your enjoyment.

Thanks for your support!


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