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Morning, afternoon or evening friendly faces (unless they’re not). Neon’s kicking it with a new blog on why I review.
In light of a blog I read where someone’s less than positive review of reviewers (excuse the pun) I think it necessary to explain to anyone who reads my blogs, and more specifically my reviews, SHORTLY why I review, and why others probably do so.
Also cause this is the internet, and it’s made for vents, especially ones that don’t make sense. Note this blog is liable to change whenever I feel like it.
As always I welcome you to comment, discuss and like of course ;P Without further ado let’s begin:

I’ve said it before and so have other people, to write a review is not difficult, but then again the same could be said for all blogs and for everything to be frank.
In the wise words of Phillip DeFranco ‘ANYONE CAN BE A BLOGGER’ but there’s a divide between those who can blog, and those who blog, and put in the work and try and refine their opinions.
And I try to be the type who thinks that if I’m going to do something, might as well and try and make it at least sound or look good. So that’s one reason, my general attitude to life. And yes that does count as a fudging reason.

Also it’s nice to note that people don’t read reviews just cause they’re recommendations, they read them also afterwards to see whether someone has the same opinion as you and so on.

I’ll expand.

In most cases I tend to try and review anime or whatever form of media that I believe deserve more exposure, I started out that way, and I still stay true to that purpose. Why do i do this, (wow we’re really getting deep ._.) because I’d like to be able to relate to more people when I talk about this obscure anime, because I think it’s something good to share, fudge it: just cause so people can know more about me and my tastes.
I know a fair share of people who blog these obscure anime, and what seem main stream to you may not seem that way to another.
A difference of opinions doesn’t mean one is automatically invalid; that’s when it’s not factually backed and can be proven (but that’s a different blog entirely.)

Personally I don’t find it too wrong to watch something cause someone liked it, the community on here is very young and even if you’re not; I’d like to think as anime lovers you tend to be more open minded and impressionable. It’s not wrong to model your tastes on someone’s preferences, when it’s hit and miss even with myself. I’m a constantly changing person, what I liked yesterday might not be the same as today; to say that you won’t watch something because everyone is different is an idea I understand, but also disagree with. I take recommendations from people with different tastes because I want to change and develop, because what may come at the end of it may be much more interesting than before. To say simply your preferences won’t change and to just make your own mind up, to shut off recommendations and reviews seems a little close minded.

Why should you trust a random person on the internet’s opinion? Because we trust people, so we can get closer and relate, and become happier because of it, espcially when there’s a good pay off. Because if you’re going to trust someone’s opinion on not trusting people on the internet, why the fudge are we back at the beginning of the argument?

Other times when I do want to change it up, I blog about something that is well known, it’s simply because, indeed I am trying to put out my opinion.
As irrelevant as some of you may feel my opinion is; I’d like to believe my thoughts are there to generate discussion but also to flesh out your opinions. As much as you’d like to believe you’re set in your ways, I’d also really would like to grab a megaphone and yell in your face that: it’s 2016, and that most subjects, entertainment included, are liable to change.
On one hand it’s great for me to discuss contradictory opinions so I can fully develop my ideas, I learn new things when I review from commenters whether it be about plot or the backstory behind the manga-anime. Either way there’s no way I know everything about any anime (I’ve never been invested enough) but commenters are a good way to go in that direction.
Why do I want to learn more? Cause it’s interesting.

Then on the other it is true that it feels good to know you’re not the only one who shares the opinion.
Take my most favoured form of entertainment: anime; anime is a form of entertainment, and as a result it’s also a great way to connect with people. We tend to forget, or at least in an unconscious way that these drawings we read, and we watch are made by real people; that they in a way, reflect the people who put the creativity into it. Anime series, and manga series are great ways of broadcasting and displaying human emotion, and the reason why i get so interested in anime is the same reason why we’re so obsessed with anything that is entertainment: dance, sports or music. They’re interesting because we can connect to them.
Sure some are wacky, cliche, and even stupid at times, but then, whether it’s one of these stupid anime, or a completely different one I think these stories that we’re so dearly passionate about, at some point will be relatable to us.
And it’s in my understanding that humans are social animals, and we have a fundamental need for inclusion; and the need not to feel lonely. Relating to an anime, is a way for us to relate to the author, mangaka, or the fandom who in some way probably felt as deeply moved etc as you do. And that’s such a reassuring feeling (especially when you feel like a freak for completely falling in love with a loli-don’t worry, you’re not alone XD)

So then what we take away from them, and how we reflect on them is a great way to re examine ourselves. Yes even Love Ru, or whatever fan service filled anime that is your guilty pleasure or proud and out of the closet pleasure, when you review it or when you share that opinion; whether it be negative or positive it’s a way of expanding on yourself in terms of your personality and growth is something I’d like to think everyone strives for.

So is it dumb to review? Peharps to some people, but at the end of the day, besides the whole reflections, under exposed anime, and peharps more deeper reasons, it’s just fun to do. I tell people blogging is my hobby, because I do enjoy talking-writing about anime and until that stops, it’s unlikely that I will stop blogging, reviewing or talking about it irl.

So to get this down one more time.
Why the fudge did I have to blog this, so I could justify my reasons?
I just answered that.

It’s cause it’s fuding fun to do kids.

It’s deep and dark Wednesdays on the 391 Fm channel, I’d like to thank any listeners out there, reading, commenting or liking any of my stuff, as the blog says it makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. As it seems I ain’t go nothing left to say I bid you all goodnight cause Neon is signing off and is off the air!

Neon is out!


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