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I am a huge Robert De Niro fan, and I am a big fan of him when he is in a comedic role, like last year's "The Intern". I am not a big fan of Zac Efron, but I liked him in "Neighbors", and this movie looked closer to his role in that than anything else. I thought that the chemistry between Efron and De Niro would make for a funny movie.

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I completely understand why so many critics absolutely despise this movie: it manages to incorporate a joke that offends almost any group of people that you can think of. There are plenty of offensive jokes that are unfunny, but the less offensive jokes are sometimes hilarious.

Robert De Niro has a sort-of charisma that gives him the screen every time he is present in this film. He is by far the funniest part of the film. Zac Efron is not very good, except for the parts where he was letting loose like his character in "Neighbors", his only good role in my opinion. Julianne Hough acted her stereotype well, but it was a stereotype. I usually like Aubrey Plaza; April is one of my favorite characters in "Parks and Recreation". In this film, however, she is just annoying and uncomfortable. Her character is way over-the-top vulgar, which some people may find funny, but I only found a few of the jokes involving her to be amusing. I feel that she was seriously miscast.

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