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SPOILER WARNING – Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow/Flash/Arrow throughout

A few days ago, CW’s brand-new show ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ made its debut on our screens. Led by Rip Hunter, the series’ team consists of Firestorm (Martin Stein/Jay Jackson), The Atom, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Heat Wave and White Canary. The long awaited spin-off show stems from CW’s two popular series ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’.

Episode one brings us the formation of the group as Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) essentially kidnaps heroes – and two villains – and asks them to join him in travelling through time tracking and stopping a world conquering villain, Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). Rip Hunter convinces the team by telling them that in the future they are legends, this turns out not to be the case and the real reason they were chosen was because they were inconsequential to the timeline. Despite this, the team remain together and, after learning of the possible whereabouts of Vandal Savage, set off to make history.

So that’s the first episode in a nutshell. Now, before a begin, let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed the show. I think it makes a great addition to the CW list, I just had some issues with it (fully discussed below). This episode was a good start to the season and I intend on watching. I’m really excited to see some of these characters explored a bit more, other not so much. Over all, I did enjoyed it. Just remember that going forward.

The Characters

On this new team we have quite a wide range of characters with wildly varying backgrounds and from the outset, we can see them falling into typical roles within the team.

Obviously, Dr. Martin Stein A.K.A half of Firestorm (Victor Garber) and Ray Palmer A.K.A The Atom (Brandon Routh) are going to be the go to science guys, I think that was a given. From what it seems, Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) and Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée) are going to be our lead heroes. Almost all of the story thus far involving Savage has been focussed on the three of them and their constant time-spanning battle. Leonard Snart A.K.A Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Mick Rory A.K.A Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) are without a doubt going to be the rebels of the group. I reckon they will cause the most friction in the team due to their own personal mission of stealing items of value before people know they are of value. This leaves Jay Jackson A.K.A other half of Firestorm (Franz Drameh) and Sara Lance A.K.A White Canary (Caity Lotz). I believe they are going to become the group wildcards; White Canary with her lust for killing and Jay with his unwilling attendance. They won’t necessarily cause massive problems within the group like I suspect the two thieves will, but they will certainly be ones to watch.

On the subject of White Canary, I was blown away by how badass she is. When confronted with a threat in the form of some sort of 70’s rapist (or ‘scary drunk guy’ as he is credited) pressuring her to “step outside”, she just takes him and his thugs out without even breaking a sweat! The brilliant thing was, the scene didn’t act as a ‘girl power’ moment, it was literally just “this person is badass, and what?” I was also blown away with Arthur Darvill’s performance. I thought that he played a really incredible time master. He fit right into the roll, almost as if he had done this sort of thing before. It was just good to see that a Doctor was his companion for once…

White Canary’s badass victory over some thugs. Did I mention I think she’s badass?
White Canary’s badass victory over some thugs. Did I mention I think she’s badass?

The Story

This is where my main issue lies with the episode (and as a knock-on, possibly the whole series). Rip Hunter told us that Savage can return from just one original cell, that’s all it takes. You would know, if you watched the crossover ‘Flash/Arrow’ episodes, that (presumably) the reason Savage has returned after being defeated and turned to dust was because Malcolm Merlyn – the new Ra’s Al Ghul – collected some of his cells. Now, my quarrel is this: why can’t they go back in time to the point when they know he was last defeated (Hawkman and Hawkgirl were there) and prevent him from coming back? All it would take is for them to vacuum up his remains. I’m hoping this will be explained. Maybe even I’ve jumped the gun entirely and they will indeed try to do that later on but right now, this plot hole has the potential to ruin the entire series if left un-addressed.

A minor issue with the first episode was that it irritated me how quickly everyone was on-board for both time travel and forming a team. I understand it was explained that each of them have their own personal wishes and an over-arching goal of stamping their name in history, but come-on, you all just time travelled back to the 70s! Now, I know that everyone their is used to the weird and wonderful, and some have even encountered time-travel but I would have expected some reaction to travelling through time for themselves other than a mild discomfort from the event.


As much as I enjoyed the episode, I could see myself getting bored of the constant chase. It seems as though the show could easily fall into a case of constantly coming close to catching the bad guy over and over. I could also see myself losing interest over too much team conflict, I don’t want to see too any falling-outs and then making friends again. My main worry is how the show will look. With a TV budget, the numerous locations they travel to could prove tight on the purse as it were, the worry being they swap location and set for special effects or vis-versa.

I’ll say again, I liked the first episode. It sets up the season nicely. My biggest enjoyment was the knowledge that I won’t have to tune-in to watch ‘Flash’ or ‘Arrow’ and instead I see yet another episode of ‘Legends f Tomorrow’ set-up. Looking forward, I certainly think it’s going to be a really fun series. I’m excited to see much more of characters previously pushed to the side or made secondary and I am especially excited to see more of Arthur Darvill (I’m a big fan).

Did you enjoy the pilot episode? Let me know in the comments below!


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