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So, we have all scene the Comic Con trailer and the first, official, trailer for DC's Suicide Squad, set to take this newfangled DC Cinematic Universe (and possibly all superhero movies) in a whole new direction on August 5, 2016. You would probably not be reading this if you haven't seen them, but, I'll wait...

Here is the first look that debuted at San Diego Comic Con last July. The music is brilliant as Becky Hanson warbles the 1968 Bee Gees nugget "I Started a Joke".

This presentation had much to offer, with regards, to the tone of the movie, and the introduction to the Suicide Squad. It has 62 million plus views which is a couple mill more than that Bat v Supes movie you may have heard about (). Now, the first OFFICIAL trailer was released last week and it has much more to offer about the plot line. I think the soundtrack to this flick might 'piratebay' itself into my collection. The use here of Queens epic "Bohemian Rhapsody", somehow heightens your senses...


There is so much to focus on here; I really have been trying to figure out how they are going to present this film and, most imperative, who is the big bad! I've been hypothesizing about a "bad guy" led movie for many years now. This was my Facebook status several years ago...

"Kind of off topic here, but - Don't you think that DC could pull off a pretty amazing Joker origin movie featuring Harley Quinn and a limited "Hero" presence? It would reboot (arguably) their most iconic villain and really get into the inner workings of Arkham..." - Russ Haas in 2013

It seems they are doing just that, so the first villain that I am presenting as "big bad" for Suicide Squad is...

The Joker AKA "the Clown Prince of Crime" AKA "Puddin'"

AKA Red Hood AKA #batshitcrazy#batshitcrazy" title="AKA Red Hood AKA ">
AKA Red Hood AKA

Look, I don't think that anybody really thinks the Joker will be the quote/unquote "big bad" (forgive the redundancy), but he may very well be the baddest guy in the movie. I understand the irony when I say, the Joker is a wild card. Being featured as he was in the first look from San Diego, I'm inclined to believe that he will NOT be a force in the plot of the movie. I think in this movie, Jared Leto's Joker will be seen exclusively in flashbacks for the Harley Quinn origin story. Further, I can see an entire movie that will, FINALLY, present a legitimate Joker origin story. Maybe the first planned solo Batfleck movie. So, no, the Joker is not the "big bad".

I think the possibility is 1 out of 4 Joker bangs
I think the possibility is 1 out of 4 Joker bangs

Enchantress AKA "June Moone" AKA "June Moon"

AKA #superhot#superhot" title="AKA ">

All the early money was on Cara Delavingne's portrayal of the Enchantress to be the main "evil doer" in this movie and the choice was easy to defend if all you had to work with was the first look at SDCC, but now we have more.

#themoreyouknow#themoreyouknow" title="">

I want to give a shout out to my new MoviePilot friend, Adonis G. who wrote a great article, "Move Over Doomsday: The New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Totally Just Revealed The Biggest Villain In DC History!", that brought him to the same conclusion as this one, but I have a VERY different take on the evidence, especially pertaining to the involvement of the Enchantress.

In her MoviePilot article "Suicide Squad Trailer Easter Eggs: Enchantress' Secret Plan & There's Something Strange About Harley...", Eleanor Tremeer presented a good case for Enchantress breaking errybodies shit, but again, I've got a different point of view. I want to make a couple of points here: first, we will get a complete origin story for June Moone. We'll see the whole journey from innocent girl to evil witch, then, second, we will see her redemption. I'll agree with Eleanor, in that, Enchantress will be the, so-called, "insuperable enemy" that she describes in her article and, thus, become the genesis of the SS. BUT, there's more, let's talk about creating a universe. The SS will be the third installment in the DCCU, they are desperately trying to develop a consistent, reliable formula for their trailers. Let's take a look:

  • First look: introduce the character(s) - 1. Man of Steel, who is Superman? (" will give the people an idea to strive toward")? 2. Batman v Superman, who is Superman now? (false god), and who is Batman? (a "good man" turned "cruel")? 3. Suicide Squad, who are they? ( "they're bad guys"; "just patsy's")?

  • 2nd trailer: introduce the conflict and flash the bad guy, but not as bad as he gets... 1. Man of Steel; the conflict (you have to keep this side of yourself a secret) and the bad guy (Zod). 2. Batman v Superman; the conflict (well, duh, BvS, "Do you bleed") and the bad guy (Doomsday) you can read more about my ideas about that here. 3. Suicide Squad; the conflict is that, as a group, they are not accepting/ dealing with being prisoners very well. The bad is not as clear to some... First:

"...this is the deal, you're going somewhere very bad, to do something that'll get you killed." - Rick Flag

"... I can't wait to show you my toys" - Joker

"...let's do something fun." - Enchantress

all of these screen shots/ quotes are misdirection. Everything before is meant to throw you off. For example, my friend Adonis gets all wound up in the "black ooze":

and I'll add this...
and I'll add this...

no doubt, the Enchantress is up to no good. Buuuut, let's not forget one of her most ubiquitous powers, she can raise the dead! So there are shots of Captain Beermarang, uh, I mean, Boomerang with a "black ooze guy":

If you was a Guinness, I would , sooo, drink you...
If you was a Guinness, I would , sooo, drink you...

and the "black ooze" guys with flack jackets.

#Ididntdoityoucantproveanything#Ididntdoityoucantproveanything" title="">

No doubt, fallen soldiers, that, I think were revived, probably early in the film, by Enchantress. Could SHE be the bad guy?

I'll say for the OVERALL big bad 1.5 out of 4 bangs
I'll say for the OVERALL big bad 1.5 out of 4 bangs

Then who is the "BIG BAD"? Because we study DC, we know that he/she will be set up in the 2nd trailer about 3/4 of the way through.

Brainiac AKA "Vril Dox" AKA "that guy from Buffy..."

#itshim #boom#itshim " title=" ">

My friend Adonis presents a great discussion on why Brainiac is the man, but, seriously, who else has got wire tentacles sprouting from they head? Others have taken the position that this is Tattooed Man played by Common. Sorry, I've got a few tattoos, and they are not shaped like wires. The Tattoo Man from the comics has tattoos that come to life, not unlike, Tattoo from the movie Marvel movie, Elektra, That would be a great thing, to present properly, at some point in the movies. IDK if the actor Common is NOT playing that guy, but, I think it would be awesome if he was playing the "big bad", Brainiac. Who else has tentacles that will decimate a subway train, coming from their head?

#electrosuck#electrosuck" title="">

As a final thought, some say Brainiac is too big for this film, and I say, those day are over! Every film DC makes, NEEDS to be a blockbuster, so high profile villains with lower profile "heroes" makes perfect sense to me. So Brainiac is the "big bad" in Suicide Squad:

4 bangs out of 4; like your mother...
4 bangs out of 4; like your mother...


Who do you think will be the "big bad" In "Suicide Squad"?????


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