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In the hierarchy of games, mobile apps aren't generally considered important, especially in the Star Wars universe. Dozens of games have come out of the famous franchise, including Battlefront, Rogue Squadron, Republic Commando, and many more.

When Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, they drew up a contract with Electronic Arts for the sole rights to produce Star Wars games. Everyone knows about Battlefront, but sitting in the App Store is a little game called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It's similar to many other games there - collect dozens of characters, and pit them against others. Every one of the characters is in Disney's new canon, ranging from the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War and the Resistance Conflict. Well... all but one.

Curiously enough, an assassin droid by the name (or number) of HK-47 is tucked away among the rest. He doesn't appear in the Clone Wars, or Rebels (yet), or any canon material. In fact, HK-47 is from the acclaimed Knights of the Old Republic video game. More importantly, he had a very specific, and very important, origin. He was created by the most famous grey Jedi ever-Revan.

It's highly unlikely that HK-47's inclusion was a random choice. The Old Republic was extremely expansive, and it was all declared non-canon upon Disney's purchase. But that's a lot of history to erase. Disney may change some things, but I don't think they've wiped out the Old Republic as completely as it seemed. Rest easy, meatbags, Revan is rising again.


Do you think HK-47's inclusion points to the return of the Old Republic, and Revan?


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