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Ever since The Force Awakens came out, fans, such as myself, have been theorizing over every aspect of it. The most talked about aspect however is by far why Rey has the powers she does. We've seen theories that she is Kylo's twin sister much like Luke and Leia were twins, which would create a nice parallel but due to the on-screen interactions between characters I find this highly unlikely as neither Han nor Leia much acknowledge Rey (plus on the scene where she is left on Jakku and her mother is taken away from her, that is clearly not Leia (and in fact looks very similar to artists' renditions of Mara Jade, wife of Luke in the books)). Some people believe, as I did at one point, that she is Luke's daughter. This makes sense as she possesses an inherently powerful ability to use the Force as did Anakin, and seemingly inherent talent with lightsaber combat, being able to take down Kylo, who had been training for years under Luke and later himself. There are many other theories as well, but none of them truly explain why Rey is so powerful in everything she does.

That being said, there is one Jedi who never gets much attention. A young Master from The Clone Wars by the name of Quinlan Vos. For those who don't remember, Quinlan had the ability to see the memories of others by touching objects that the person had touched. Sound familiar? Rey does the exact same thing with Luke's lightsaber. Luke was also incredibly Force Strong, perhaps more so than any other Jedi before him, which would explain why his memories were so vivid to her. But this memory-reading ability would also explain why she can pilot the Falcon with complete ease, with maneuvers that Han himself would have been proud of. She somehow knew the controls inside and out, and knew quite a bit about the Falcon's hyper drive. Possible foreshadowing that she can absorb memories?

As we've seen with the Skywalkers, every generation is more powerful than the last. Vader to Luke, Leia to Kylo, each more powerful than their parents. Could this be the case in all Jedi families? If so, and if Rey is Quinlan's daughter, maybe she got the memory reading from Quinlan but it became more powerful and allowed her to actually absorb the skills that the person possessed as well. This further explains her Han-esque piloting of the Falcon as well as her seemingly inherent lightsaber skills. Maybe they're not inherent at all, maybe she absorbed Luke's training through the lightsaber and all those years of training that he got, she picked up as well. She also was able to use Obi-Wan's mind trick, which was taught to him by QuiGonn and never seen again by anyone else. As we know, Obi Wan had Anakin's lightsaber in his possession for years before he gave it to Luke, so Rey could have absorbed his memories and skills as well.

Just a thought I had after watching the Clone Wars again, what do you think? Could Rey be related to Quinlan?


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