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There's nothing like proudly marrying a bona fide geek that transforms the way you see life forever.
Iris Lim

What you're thinking...

1. FIRST TEN MINUTES. The New Toy smell hits you, and you realize that your husband will be oblivious to anything you say for the next two hours.

2. 20 MINUTES. Emotions course through your body. These react with receptors in your brain and make you think. "He's not having sex tonight."

3. 40 MINUTES. The unboxing is complete and you begrudgingly acknowledge that the figure looks rather cool.

4. 45 MINUTES. Your husband continually transforms the figure, and you are scared he's going to break his expensive new toy with the strange contortions he's attempting.

5. 60 MINUTES. You get strangely jealous that your husband is taking a photo of an inanimate object to show off more than he does of you.

6. >60 MINUTES. You wonder if your husband realizes that his shelves are full of various versions of the same thing in his hand.

7. >60 MINUTES. You feel him mentally glare at you for even daring to think that things so remotely different could be considered similar. Your body is already dreading the next addition of one of the various pictured toys currently on his computer screen.


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