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Suicide Squad official trailer by Warner Bros. was released on YouTube five days ago, I saw it the trailer that day, and I was surprised. I didn't know what to expect, but I like what I see. It starts off and ends with Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" went well with the trailer. Towards the end of the trailer, everything happens so fast, so I'm going to break it down.

Enchantress The Main Villain?

Here's Enchantress, with her witch powers. Now we don't see her with the squad, so she maybe the villain that the squad might be up against. My question is, she the "main villain" of the movie? I don't know, at this point no one knows.

Harley Quinn

We get to see great shots of Harley Quinn. From reading a book, drinking tea in her prison cell, to her joking she heard voices in her head, to her waving at the squad while going up in the elevator, to blowing her hair in front of her face and pretty much when we see her in the trailer. Margot Robbie looks great as Harely Quinn, she's going to do great.


Then here we have the Joker, a new scene, new lines and yet, who is he talking to? Anyway, we get to see bits of quick clips here and there of the Joker in the trailer. I like that, I'm wondering what is he up to? Have no idea, but it's definitely something crazy. Jared Leto looks terrifying as The Joker, in a good way though. He's going to do an incredible job on his performance as the Joker.

Tattooed Man?

Could this be Tattooed Man? Something is in the subway station, but don't know who it could be. Some say that it could be Tattooed Man, anything's possible. And if it is him, could he be working along with the Joker? Have no clue.

What's Going On?

In the trailer, we see Harley Quinn looking up, seeing El Diablo's fire powers. And what is El Diablo is doing with his fire powers? To fight off against the Joker? Enchantress? Tattooed Man? Or is it the Jokers henchmen? It could be anything or anyone. And that's awesome fire power.

What Happens Here?

Joker jumps into a vat of acid chemicals, what I'm confused about is, is this Harley Quinn's origin story? Or does the Joker jump in to save Harley? It could be Harley's origin story, because the photos on the internet show Harleen and Joker what it seems like a confrontation, but also she wears the blue shirt, and he wears somewhat red shirt. Or it could be something else and he jumps in to save her. At this point, I have no idea, but we'll wait and see.

Who Is The Joker Talking To?

This is an interesting shot of the Joker, who is he talking to, waving his finger "no" to? Could it be someone that works with him? Harleen? Somebody else? With these different screen shots in the trailer has so many questions. The trailer hasn't give anything away to what the plot is of the movie, and that's good, I want to wait and see.


Here we see Scott Eastwood, what character does he play? Some say that he's Jason Todd a.ka. Nightwing undercover. Weather if that's true or not, it would be interesting if it is, if not that's okay. His character still remains who he is.

What Is Enchantress Up To?

Why is Enchantress in the White House? My guess is, she is up to something, of course, but what though? Is she on her own, or working with the Joker? Whatever she's up to, it has nothing to do with politics, could be to take down Suicide Squad? It has to do with to take down somebody, maybe.

Enchantress Powers?

This looks like Enchantress did something right here, and the squad is taking a good look of what's in front of them. This could be towards the end of the movie. Looks like some kind of explosion of magic, or whatever it is, but I think Enchantress is behind it.


Deadshot and his mad skills, what is going on at this point? I think, it could be the Joker's henchmen. Or something else, Will Smith looks awesome as Deadshot, there's definitely something going on.


This is where, we might see flashbacks, Harley Quinn in the car with the Joker. And at some point, Batman is on the roof of the car. This could be where she's on the Joker's side, before joining Suicide Squad. Don't know what's going on in this scene, just only knowing that the Joker is driving crazy fast. We will see flashbacks of Deadshot and his daughter, June Moon before she became Enchantress.

Excited For Suicide Squad?

I'm beyond excited for Suicide Squad, the trailer is amazing, I like what I see, so looking forward to seeing it. Perfect casting choice for each character, with their amazing performances. It's gonna be a blast with excitement.


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