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Ever thought of what type of awesomeness it takes to take out the trash as a superhero who's present to help? Well here are a few classic examples that totally headline it.

10. The Destroyer, Thor.

Technically not a villain but used for a villainous purpose, Thor proves his worth not only by getting back Mjolnir but using it to foil Loki's plan and protect innocent civilians.

9. Whiplash, Iron Man 2.

This is where the first encounter between Iron Man and War Machine makes sense and it also headlines the need for strategic teamwork!

8. Toad, X-Men.

I like how Toad knocks Storm into an elevator, doing which she flies out like a total badass and owns him all the way!

7. The Russian, The Punisher.

With plenty of stuff to use as a weapon in combat and several twists and turns to keep things intriguing and a final takedown proving that Frank Castle is fine even in his darkest moments of misery, this one excels in almost every way possible!

6. Howard Saint, The Punisher.

The main boss getting taken out with the emergence of the Punisher logo was seemingly essential for a conclusion!

5. Shingen Yashida, The Wolverine.

Apart from the adrenaline rushed bullet train sequence, this was one of the few moments in The Wolverine that actually headlined the Wolverine's awesomeness in potential!

4. Korath, Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Irreverent, but necessary!

3. Frank D'Amico, Kick-Ass.

Size always matters in legit combat, you know?

2. Ronan, Guardians Of The Galaxy.

While those not accustomed to comic book delights might find this misleading, real fans know how significant it is to its source material and the movie in general.

1. Sebastian Shaw, X-Men First Class.

Mathew Vaughn took my imaginations to a pause at this unbelievable moment right here. Also, Kevin Bacon at his finest performance in a trap he never did see coming, what could be better?

These are in my opinion, apt for being in contention as ten of the most dramatic supervillain deaths out there. Let me know what you think!


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