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Now, I can say finally Dragon Ball Super has started in the real sense. With this starting of the Champa arc finally, we are getting to see a new story!

If you skipped Dragon Ball Super because they were basically movie adaptations this is about the time you should start watching it again!

Before anything I would like to mention that they improved the animation quality! Yes, we all were wondering that if they are going to take things more seriously now. Since, they did a lot of advertising featuring this Champa-Universe 6 arc. And they did it! There were almost no major sloppy frames; the animation quality is very smooth overall. If they keep up this quality Dragon Ball Super will be a massive success.

The episode started with a training sequence of Goku and Vegeta. They are giving one thumb push-ups wearing their weighted training clothes. They actually gave 50,000 pushups. And throughout the episode it appeared that they had difficulties moving with that training attire. Since, Goku and Vegeta used to train at 300-400 times earth’s gravity way back in the android saga. It’s assumable that they have to bear much more now.

Champa makes an explosive appearance at Beerus sama’s place. I really liked this scene where Champa shows thumbs up and then down. Batista fans can relate to that! Beerus comes out breaking the door with extreme rage, throwing beams and primarily he thought Goku and Vegeta are making noises that disturbed his sleep. But, then he saw and couldn’t actually recognize him. The introduction scene and the dialog’s and the episode overall was very comedic! I think which was required after a serious battle.

Then Champa is introduced by Vados. He is the twin brother of Beerus and he is also the God Of Destruction of universe 6.

As it turns out Champa is also a food fanatic like his brother Beerus. And they offer Beerus, Whis and Goku foods from their universe. It’s kind of an attempt to impress and brawl about their universes food as food matters most to them. They presented boiled eggs of a newly discovered bird Don Don. Champa thinks that the food he bought is really special! But, Beerus and Whis weren’t really impressed. Vegeta suggested it looks and taste like a normal egg. Though, Goku looked very satisfied. However, in return Beerus and Whis presented cup ramen as their move in the food battle! Champa was absolutely overwhelmed though he didn’t want to admit it. So, Champa is absolutely mesmerized by this noodle. But, universe 6 doesn’t have it because their earth has been destroyed by wars caused by humans!

God Of Destruction Beerus Dragon Ball Super
God Of Destruction Beerus Dragon Ball Super

Meanwhile, Beerus keeps insulting Champa or as per the dictionary of getting offended at everything keeps fat shaming Champa. Eventually, resulting in them engaging in what I would say a playful fight. They were not using serious level of power yet the ground literally crumbled. The whole fuckin planet was shaking. Though they were not using their actual powers the effects alone showed us how powerful they are. And the fact that side-effect from their fighting alone can destroy both the universes. I hope the so called death battle experts are taking notes. So, ultimately Vados and Whis stopped them before things could get serious.

Beerus vs Champa Dragon Ball Super
Beerus vs Champa Dragon Ball Super

So, now Champa progresses with what he was trying to say at the beginning. And proposes a tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7 instead of them fighting; they will make teams from their respective universes. The rules are like that of Baba’s challenge back from Dragon Ball. They will select a fighter each and let them fight. If one fighter is defeated he will be replaced by another. In this way the last fighter standing wins the fight for his team. If universe 6 wins they will get the earth of Universe 7. And if 7 win they get 6 super dragon balls.

In this episode, we are also introduced with the planet sized wish orbs; named as the super dragon balls. These are basically planet sized dragon balls scattered between universe 6 and universe 7 and unlike Dragon Balls they have no limitations! One can wish for anything they want. And Champa has been working for years to collect them all. And he has collected 6. Goku and Vegeta suggested they can collect the alst one with help of Bulma’s radar. We also come to know our version of Dragon Balls created by the namekians was actually carved out from the super dragon balls.

Whis also explains the concept of the universe. There are in total 12 universes. And the universes are made in pair with front and back. The twin universes add up to form the number 13. For example: Universe 6 and 7, Universe 11 and Universe 2. Each Universe pair comes to make the number 13. I find this universal concept extremely interesting! Do you guys just see what a large scope Toriyama created? With this established story Dragon Ball could go on for like forever. I think TOEI actually demanded a story like this which could be extended upon for an infinite time. Besides, I think introducing multiverses was a plot necessary to.


Because, we actually had opponents who threatened to destroy the entire universe. It was said if Buu wasn’t defeated he would destroy the entire universe. So, now we need bigger threats like destroying multiple universes. And also to introduce newer characters and expanding already known races Universes are necessary. That was probably the only way they could bring more Saiyans and other known races back.

So, episode 28 ended with this announcement of a tournament to be taken place soon. Goku is super hyped to be able to battle again and after knowing there are so many stronger fighters than them. Vegeta is also taking this as a perfect opportunity to get stronger. We also get a brief trailer of episode 29, where we see Champa and Beerus recruiting their teams. And Beerus probably revealed that there’s a stronger fighter in Universe 7 than Goku. This left them surprised. We will find out all the details in the next episode.

Dragon Ball Super Whis,Vados,Beerus and Champa
Dragon Ball Super Whis,Vados,Beerus and Champa

Overall, episode 28 was quite satisfying. I think they did great to mark the beginning of this new saga. The entire was very comedic and refreshing! Animation Quality improved a lot which shows that they are taking this seriously. The concept of multiverses, the super dragon balls and declaration of a tournament to be held surely made all the fans very excited and eager to watch the next one. I wish they had 2-3 minutes of scenes from earth and the Z fighters. And gave some details about the piccolo-gohan training; about what they did after Gohan asked piccolo to re-train him. Fillers could do.

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