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Fans and casual movie goers shouldn't follow all the hype thats surrounded on the new entry of the star wars franchise. Yes believe it or not Episode VII( The Force Awakens) is not anything that you would've expected it to be, unless if you already saw the total failure coming from a mile away "(like me)". Disney came and took advantage of every single fan by making the biggest money stealer in all the galaxy. In this review i will tell you every single reason why you shouldn't waste a dime, on this dark side of the force made film. And i will repeat it once again.....


So the not so new star wars movie is basically a copy paste of episode IV with some fragments of the Episode V. As a matter of fact the only new thing in this movie is the characters, thats about it. There is no originality in this movie what so ever, the movie follows the same plot, the same Skywalker family issues etc. Almost the entire movie is just like watching an HD remake. episode IV.

Copy paste 1

Already from the start you can tell that the movie is exactly like Episode IV, another Droid (that goes by as BB8), a map that the Empire is hunting down for, "oh im sorry, the First Order, what a difference". The only thing new is the star trooper, seems to have sympathy for his comrade dying, shows fear, and isn't some mindless robot.

Copy Paste 2

A cheap imitation of Darth Vader( Kylo Ren or Ben), which by the way, there is no reason what so ever that he wears the mask except for show, because every body knows that he is the son of Leia and Hon Solo, and its not like he needs it to survive like Vader did, its all just for a pointless show. And offcourse another escape into the desert while the pilot is being captured for interrogation("go figure").


That star trooper is called Finn, or at least a name thats been giving to him later on. This character, not the actor, is more alien than the aliens in the movie. The character is out of this world and i dont mean in a good way, he doesn't fit in any shape or form in this Galaxy, out of context, and out of place, he makes the Star Wars film look like if it was a Dramatic Jersey movie. The character just doesn't work with what star wars is. Instead of killing Han Solo they should've just killed this out of place character.

Oh and yeah Han Solo is no more. which leads us to the next video.

Copy Paste 3

In this scene we see that it is almost exactly alike, and almost for the same purpose, a father and son scene. Right here we witness the most underserving death you could give for a Legend amongst many Star wars fans. After surviving 3 films, they bring Han Solo back for attraction and for him to finally be killed, this was the worst moment of the movie by far. Another way for Disney to pick up more cash.

Copy Paste 4

Same Alien, same encounter, same Droid was found in both movies, the difference is one is bought and the other one is rescued. The new girl "(Rey)" is the daughter of Luke Skywalker. In the movie it is not said, but its quite obvious, for the way that both of them show up right after the same events of the scene before that one, on the same Desert location and offcourse she doesn't know it, but is in fact a very powerful Jedi that is strong with the force. And what's that thing that Luke said once.....

That pretty much says it all. Rey finds Luke at the end of the movie that gave us one of the most awkward, long lasting stares in recent years. Which makes Rey and Kylo Ren cousins. "Shocking!" Rey finds Luke at the end of the movie and gave us one of longest stares in movies.

Copy Paste 5

The cantina scene again, it is the same bullshit, and Finn remakes the scene where Obi wan and Luke are trying to search for someone to help escape the empire. WTF?

Copy Paste 6

"We will show the universe once again the fully operational power of this 10 times bigger, same bullshit Planet Death Star, that only needs to be destroyed with just one shot, at the usual spot." Thats what i was hearing when they showed again the death star. The only cool thing about this one is that it can destroy multiple planets, thats about it. Hard to built but easy to destroy, jet fighters run in to the same battle, destroyed the death star and the people rejoice, and they destroy last of the old republic again, witch if this is a sequel, then the old republic was wiped out years ago. So shouldn't this Republic be like the new one or something???

This is one of the most laziest script writing and screenplay i have ever seen and a disgrace for the star wars franchise. Everything is done wrong, is the same crap over, and over, and over again, its like an infinite cycle that has no end to it. No wonder the fans want George Lucas to direct the next one. The light saber fights are the worst ive ever seen, they all look like 7 year olds swinging at each other like if it were fucking hammers , no offense Mario and Luigi.

Im pretty sure everybody is going suck up all the other bullshit sequels, prequels, spinoffs, what ever bullshit that has the star wars logo. Hell people did it for twilight. And Disney will always make money out of that. I loved all the other films, and i enjoyed the star wars franchise for a long time, but everything that has been made out of star wars has been made with very little effort to wow us, or even enjoy it., let it be movies, shows, and video games,(yes talking about you battlefront). Its only been made for profit, without thinking about us, the fans


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