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Last week, EA Brazil posted some exciting but ultimately inaccurate information regarding DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront. In a video which has since been removed, EA were apparently informing fans that a new map on Tatooine would be added, along with new outfits for Luke and Leia.

According to a translation of the video the content was set to be free and was not considered a part of the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass, which is set to deliver 4 DLC packs hopefully over the next year. However, representatives from EA have come out and discredited the video, stating that there's no Tatooine map on the way in January. So, what is coming?

January To Bring "A Great" Star Wars Battlefront Update Patch

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Lead Lighting Artist, Oscar Carlen came out and claimed that EA Brazil's video contained some "misinformation" regarding the January update for Star Wars: Battlefront. He stated that there will be no new map in the patch, but that he had faith that fans would still enjoy the free content:

"It is still a great patch. I don't think you will be disappointed."

That leads us to wonder what exactly is on the way within the next 7 days. While the map information was discredited, Carlen failed to address some of the other information that the EA Brazil video "revealed." Here's a rundown of what it was said to contain:

  • New Tatooine map, completely free.
  • Hoth skins for Leia and Luke.
  • Daily challenges & community events.
  • Private matches are available for you and your friends.
Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Now, there are more issues about this information. For instance, Sledgehammer reported that the new skins would be for Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, not Leia Organa. Besides, she already has her Hoth outfit. So we can assume that this is incorrect, although I couldn't really care less about a new outfit for heroes. But the introduction of daily challenges, community events and private matches (hallelujah) sounds fantastic. But is that all that we can expect this week?

New Weapons In DLC Pack Or January Patch?

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

On January 20th, the official EA Star Wars: Battlefront page posted this in reply to a player's request:

"We're excited to share more details on the new weapons coming Star Wars Battlefront soon!"

EA and DICE informed us that future DLC packs would feature new weapons, new heroes and villains, new Star Cards, new maps, and new game modes. However, seeing as EA posted this just before the January update, fans are hopeful that the patch could introduce some new weapons into the Star Wars game. Though Oscar Carlen stated that, "January patch hype is strong. Manage your expectations please."

I guess we'll have to keep our hopes in check until EA reveal some new [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) information within the next week.


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