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Christian Sampson, a twenty-one year old college grad from Warsaw, Indiana, recently uploaded a body of photographic works entitled 'A Visual Depiction of Mental Disorders.'

The photographs are conceptually accurate and visually powerful in portraying the disturbing affects of common mental disorders.


The comment section of the work has become inundated with many claiming that they can relate to the visuals presented by Sampson:

These photos are truly amazing. I can definitely identify with some of them. Brilliant.


Others praise the grad student for his skillmanship and vision as an artist:

This is photography !!! Capturing reality all around us. This is amazing!! Thank you.


The young photographer has been blown away by the praise of his work from commenters on Facebook and Imgur.

Over 230 shares overnight! I am speechless! Thank you all so much for your kind words and comments! I'm so glad that this photo series is serving its purpose and helping others! I am so overwhelmed by your love. Thank you! If you haven't seen it yet, feel free to take a look!


If you would like to see the entire series or buy any prints, you can find the body of work here.

Sources: Imgur, Facebook.


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