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As the title immediately informs us, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage will give fans the chance to see Vin Diesel blaze into action once more, but rumor has it that he will be accompanied by Ice Cube on his explosive adventures.

According to the bizarrely named 'Moviehole,' a solid source has informed them that Ice Cube will be back, despite how badly xXx: State of the Union bombed at the box office back in 2005.

I'm sorry Vin, it's true
I'm sorry Vin, it's true

The website claims that producers have ironed out the flaws in Ice Cube's character and given him a more comic persona; they explained that Darius Stone would be:

"a treat this time around – very funny, lots of great lines and he gets in on some terrific action sequences."
but are they more than rumors?
but are they more than rumors?

Although this information is currently completely unverified, it does make sense that writers would want to tie the two previous movies together and possibly utilize the hugely popular 'buddy comedy' bend that has been mega successful in smash hits such as 22 Jump Street.

Ice Cube's offering might have only grossed $71 million globally (a loss of around $50 million), but some of the action sequences from State of the Union such as the one below are undeniably impressive:

Of course, there is no beating Vin Diesel's popularity in this franchise, but maybe the two characters teaming up could bring us something even more badass than the triple bridge jump below:

Here's hoping!

(Source: via Moviehole)


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