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The power of social media is immense. News can now travel faster than ever, important social campaigns can gain momentum, and, it appears, Mark Ruffalo can utilize it to start his own lost property business.

The A-lister, who is nominated for an Oscar this year for Spotlight has capitalized on his Twitter presence by sending out an appeal return his lost mobile and wallet... for the second time... in 18 months!

The 'Avengers' Star Tweeted That He'd Lost His Wallet In A Blizzard

For now, we'll ignore the fact he offered a signed picture as a reward. It's a nice gesture. No really, it is.

Within 20 Minutes, Someone Had Found The Missing Wallet And Phone

Well, that was a close call.

Ruffalo Then Tweeted An Adorable Picture With The Good Samaritans

Well done to the Brown family for proving that kindness and compassion is still well and truly prevalent in society. Yay!

You Are A Hero!

You'd think the 48-year-old would be more careful. Back in July 2014, he again had a similar experience following a lost wallet. That time the resolution was also found in the depths of his two million plus Twitter followers.

Ruffalo was clearly delighted; in response he referred to the guy who found it, Ross McHale, as a "hero." That must feel pretty good, coming from an Avenger.

Perhaps it isn't surprising the Incredible Hulk would find his property returned. I mean, you wouldn't want to make him angry, would you? He'd probably Ruff you up quite badly...

Source: US Weekly


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