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If there was even a game that seemed to make the necessity of downloadable content and adds-ons absolute then it would be Fallout 4.

With literally hundreds of hours of gameplay available only the most dedicated Sole Survivors amongst us will be able to venture out into the Wastelands to uncover every location, complete every mission and get up close and personal with every Deathclaw that the game has to offer.

But yet - like Fallout 3 before it - we are getting expansions for Bethesda Softworks' critically acclaimed Fallout 4, though the studio is staying pretty tight lipped on when we can expect said DLC.

Release Date & Content

If you've purchased the optional $30.00 Season Pass you'll get all the DLC Bethesda release free of charge. Individual pricing for the add-ons are yet to be announced, as are the contents of the DLC themselves, but we know all together it'll be "worth at least $40".

Bethesda: "We've always done a lot of DLC for our games. We love making them and you always ask us for more... Since we’re still hard at work on the game, we don’t know what the actual DLC will be yet, but it will start coming early next year."

The DLC is due to released sometime in early 2016, and the releases will continue well into 2016, stretching out the already expansive game to its limits. Fallout 3 had five DLC add-on packs whilst its predecessor Fallout: New Vegas got four, so it's likely we'll get five or thereabouts for Fallout 4 itself.

What We Want To See

It's hard to think of ways to improve upon Fallout 4, especially given that mods are coming to both Xbox One and PS4 sometime soon as well. Hard, but not impossible.

An Extension To The Main Quest

Once you've completed the main mission and chosen a faction to side with, Fallout 4 just kind of ends. There was a similar issue with Fallout 3, which reverted back to your previous save when you make the final decision regarding finishing your father's work and bringing clean water to the Capital Wasteland.

The Broken Steel add-on fixed this problem though, raising the level cap and allowing you to traverse a Wasteland with clean water and take the fight against the Enclave to the next level, so it would be nice to see a DLC which gives more meat to the main storyline in Fallout 4.

A New Map

Most of the add-ons do give us extra map areas to explore and revisit, like Point Lookout and The Pitt (I'm ignoring Mothership Zeta cause that was pretty dumb), so we're certainly going to be getting some non-Boston settings to explore when the DLC releases.

But where? Could we return to the Capital Wasteland? What about New Vegas? Or even a trip into the past? We already saw a little of the pre-war period at the beginning of Fallout 4, but could we explore that further?

Sure, we're not going to go time travelling or anything, but we've done this before with the Operation: Anchorage DLC pre-war simulation and this dynamic would work well again in Fallout 4, not to mention also opening up a host of new characters, armors and weaponry.

Exploring The Depths

Speaking of new locations, hopefully we'll get to see something which exploits the vast Atlantic Ocean, Massachusetts Bay and - most importantly - that badass looking Harpoon Gun.

The underwater Harpoon Gun, which was found by modders in the game code but was not actually included as available in the game itself, suggests that Bethesda were going to have some underwater combat as part of the game, something which could easily come along in DLC format.

An underwater or flooded vault for example would open up whole new areas for exploration, and the already established Power Armor mechanics could easily translate over into an atmospheric diving suit or the like. Just keep those Mirelurks away from us...

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