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Ben Turner

Jennifer Lopez has gotten off to a very strong start at her 'All I Have' Las Vegas show. On her third show, everything had been going absolutely swimmingly. Not only did Jennifer tear the roof off the event, but she also tore an inconvenient yet entirely conspicuous rip on her derriere.

Unfortunately for J Lo, but fortunately for the booty loving population of the planet, the whole affair was caught on video.

Here's a GIF of the riveting rip:

With as many years as J Lo has had in the industry, of course there are going to be times where nips slip, tits fall out, and buttocks are revealed.

Do you remember when our girl from the block exposed her right breast on German show Wetten, dass..?? Well, here's a clip to jog your memory:

You'd think by now, J Lo would be able to "get right" the tricky art of stage costume?!


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