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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Kill-kill-kill-kill-kill! Friday the 13th mastermind has another killer movie on the way; horror writer Victor Miller is working on another piece. I can't thank this man enough for bringing THIS into the world...

Victor Miller is co-writing upcoming horror Eden Falls, starring Jansen Panettiere (yep, he's Hayden's little brother) and The Exorcist's Eileen Dietz. The press release is as follows:

Eden Falls is the story of Rob Adams, a freestyle skiing star who corkscrews 720’s into a nightmare paranoid landscape to save Lucinda, the only woman he will ever love.

In another nice connection to Friday the 13th, Eden Falls's music will be provided by Harry Manfredini, who laid down the 1980 OST all those years ago.

The poster for Eden Falls bears a striking similarity to this one from The Life Aquatic:

As a totally unrelated sidenote, British horror fans may feel a memory stir at the film's title: Eden Falls is the name of a brand of mineral water sold at UK budget supermarket Asda.

Source: Youtube, Dread Central


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