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Sharks have a habit of turning up in unexpected places these days. Attacking L.A. pedestrians in freak tornados, ripping limbs from unsuspecting skiers in the mountains and chowing down on lovesick couples in Venice.

There is simply no escaping the razor sharp bite of these underwater villains.

And now, you can rule out your house as a place of refuge because it seems that Jaws intends to enter the dark world of home invasion as well.

Yep, that’s the premise of the aptly named House Shark (Indiegogo), Ron Bonk's new shark-meets-home-invasion horror, and it sounds so stupid that we might just like it

Check out the trailer.

When Frank (Trey Harrison) finds his happy home under attack by a dangerous but largely unknown breed of shark, he enlists the aid of the world’s only 'house shark' expert, Zachary (Michael Merchant), and a grizzled former real estate agent, Abraham (Wes Reid), to embark on a desperate quest to destroy the beast and claim back his life.

It’s JAWS in a house!

Sources: Dread Central, You Tube.


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