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Ross Fearnley

So we're some kind of Fellowship?

I don't think I've ever had as much fun making a mash-up. When the latest Suicide Squad trailer hit the web, I immediately fell in love with how it incorporated 'Bohemian Rhapsody' with shots of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Everything flowed perfectly, and thus, it inspired my latest creation:

I love how it times the actions of Deadshot, Harley and everyone else with the music, it's genius! So, naturally I HAD to mash it with something. Initially, everyone was suggesting I mash the trailer with Guardians of the Galaxy, but GotG is already a fun superhero action romp and it wouldn't really give you something new to enjoy. Instead, what I love to do with these 'style mash-ups' is to take a movie and completely change its genre. Like so:

Sure, Lord of the Rings has its funny moments but the trilogy is definitely advertised as more of a fantasy adventure/epic. The above mash envisions a world where LotR was an overall, lighter-hearted affair.

Personally, my favorite part of my mash is the bit where I timed Aragorn's attacks with the "No, no, no, NO, NO, NO!"... That was so fun to do.

And just in case you want to check out the original Suicide Squad trailer in all of it's magnificent glory, here it is!

More mash-ups and reviews are on their way, so stay tuned for more!


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