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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Sometimes, you invest your time in good television series, sometimes, it's not that good. And other times, it's bad or it gets worse over time.

One case of getting worse over time was the highly anticipated return of Heroes, maybe it's because we've waited too long a time to bring it back or maybe it was just the arc it wants to go. And maybe just maybe, there's not enough to bring in new fan bases, because like me most of the old fan bases groan as we seem to tread along some of the familiar paths time and time again.

And for me a television series that was not that good was Daredevil, now don't get me wrong I enjoyed the main protagonist; Murdoch and the main antagonist; Fisk were great, but I just felt that Murdoch's support system, excluding of course Clare the nurse who bandages him up now and again, but the others like Foggy and Karen, not that interesting, at least to me.

For me, Fisk's support system is so much better. Especially Madam Gao, who was speaking real Mandarin for those who didn't know. And also his other lurches, excluding of course the Russians who didn't seem to have much of a point other than to move the plot a long and instigate the civil war within the lurches.

But then what constitutes a good television series?

Is it the characters? Yes. Is it the story writing? Yes. Is there anything else? Yes, the genre. The genre always attracts a certain fan base one or the other, striking a similar core in those people whether they realize it or not. Obviously, if it's something new, it needs to attract a lot of people not just one or two if it really wants to survive, but at times, does that mean that there are some television shows that can wear out it's charm?

Of course there is. Case in point; Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn: The chosen one
Heroes Reborn: The chosen one

Many have debated why it did not succeed, and in terms a lot of people said that this was our kind of X-Files or a version of Lost, it pandered too long and it never focused.

But me, the reason is this, I think the writer had one idea and wrote around it and variations of it in the original seasons to follow, and now with this new one the old fan bases were sick of it, and maybe it culminated a small new fan base, but I doubt it's big enough to support this, because in a lot of terms, this idea can bore itself very well.

So, then what could make it have that special edge to be above the rest, and the answer, is obviously intrigue, in the same way that supported the original Heroes, X-Files and Lost, there was a lot to be said when and if a series would have been able to keep it alive.

For example, I mourn the loss of Lie to me, I agree that at some point it would have felt tired too, but I don't fully agree, I think there's still two more seasons they could have done with.

Lie To Me
Lie To Me

So then what about the ones still airing and are still enjoyable and great,

like the many television series that still hold dear to us today, and obviously for me it's mostly superhero television series, and although, I quite feel Arrow was getting tired out, there is still other interesting ones. But since I haven't watched much television anymore, most of the series, I watch online. But the live action ones, there's not too much of it, but I think the up surge is mostly

kids television shows, that's right, and I know I've done an editorial on that touching on that before, but I still think NC said it best,

But still I just wanna say that I grew up with Power Rangers, Ultraman, Pokémon , Spongebob, none of the things NC grew up with, but I think I relate more than I do understand and I think that's the most important thing a show needs to do, relate to it's audience.

And while shows like How I Met Your Mother doesn't necessarily relate to many people, it relates to a certain part of their lives that many of whom watching can identify with, just like how many people identified with F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and some may debate that both are very similar and too close to home, more often than not, there are still shows out there that can catch your attention, now granted for me most of what I watch is to entertain me, but I have found some television shows that have made me think like The Legend of Korra, Gravity Falls and surprisingly enough, Daredevil.No matter what type of show it is, I think that's the most important element is to balance everything, and keep focus to what it wants you to focus on and ponder on.

Even if it's a simple comedy show like the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, there are certain times you go, huh, I wonder if I was this character was real, and what if I were her.

And there it is again, "to relate" is the adverb that often comes to mind when it comes to a certain television show and a television series, because it constantly needs to grip you and make you want to come back, and that's by making all the characters identifiable, interesting and characteristic.

And no matter if it's Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Gotham, Flash, Arrow or the other live action television series, the most important thing for them is the relation part toward the audience, but here, there needs to be laser focus, and pinpoint direction, meaning there should have at least been many one script that the producers feel absolutely certain will work. And obviously, feedback from the audience is always pivotal, and then they could always help the producers of the show adjust where needed and still make it workable in it's environment it created, and I think that's really where the people behind the scenes could make it better for the audience.

And for me, what ends a good series is when you lose everything that attracted your fan base to it in the first place.


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