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Patrick Karnes

The royal rumble, the start pig the Road to Wrestlemania showed us why not only is it's development brand a better show than the main roster, but that it's also tether most predictable show on television.

Mind you I am not going to dig into the other matches of the night, since most of those were fantastic, except the Charlotte vrs. Becky Lynch where we saw another interference from her father to save her title so he can ride on her coat tails some more and still be in the public eye. The Rumble match was great actually I was excited through the whole thing, then HHH music hit and I deflated like the deflategate football.

That's what it's meant when people say it was great, until it wasn't. At this point nobody wants to see another HHH run with the title. They had pretty much cemented Roman Reigns as three top face of the company and for nobody to ever be able to defeat the authority at its own game I the years this story had been around has put a bitter taste in the mouths of fans. Notice when Roman was eliminated everyone started rooting for the lunatic fringe.

When done right a face comeback of Triple H would be pure gold, but this was not there way to do it. So much great talent that people want to see headline the biggest event in sports entertainment. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, and actually the high point of the night, a show stopper and the thing that made need the happiest about last night AJ STYLES!

My point being is everything that went down for major plot points was predicted by actions on raw over the past two months and the WWEs inability to surprise nobody anymore is stupendous. When they say lead, follow, or get out of the way well maybe it's time that RAW get out off the way and take its huge names to NXT and make it the flagship. Run the same way it is now and minus the scripts that make us hate how raw works. Vince your shareholders are crying right now. You need to fix this.


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