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2016 could be an incredible year for Pokemon fans! With the release date of Pokemon GO slated for early 2016, and the imagined Pokemon Z an eventual reality, there are tons of gameplay ideas that could finally come to fruition in the coming months.

But what are the elements or game mechanics that you'd incorporate into the likes of Pokemon GO and Pokemon Z? After all, we know very little about either of these products, the possibilities for now are endless! Therefore, let's take a look at how fans reacted to the idea of changing how we interact with Pokemon forever!

Innovative Gameplay - How Fans Would Make Pokemon GO & Pokemon Z


Let's start with the highly anticipated Pokemon GO, a mobile game that is set to introduce Pokemon into the world around us. How everything will work is still fairly unclear, but if this is how playing GO actually worked, we'd be in heaven:

  • A feature where you can play and interact with the Pokemon that you capture. How cute would that be?!
  • Certain kinds of Pokemon should be indigenous to areas. This would force players to travel around, or trade on their travels.
  • Compatibility with the Nintendo 3DS, so that we can transfer data from one to the other.
  • A picture mode, one where you can take a photo of the Pokemon in the environment you discovered it in. Like a vaporeon in your bath!
  • Non-automated combat. We hope that Pokemon GO will have a degree of skill that masterful Pokemon trainers can experiment with.
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is still a mystery, so we've no clue what it'll be like to actually play the game just yet. But can you imagine if these gameplay features were actually included? We'd love it!

But when it comes to Pokemon Z, gameplay ideas are fairly different:

  • More variety when it comes to clothes (especially for male characters) and also being able to change hairstyle or remove your hat. Basically, we want it to learn from Animal Crossing.
  • Control over the music that's played during multiplayer battles.
  • More side quests and post-game content.
  • Bring back the HG/SS feature where the first Pokemon in your party follows you outside its ball.
  • More regions, more towns, and tons more people to chat to and challenge!
  • Gym leader rematches, or some form of replay value when it comes to gyms.
  • Difficulty settings. Much yes.

What Do You Envision For Their Release Date?

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

What do you think of these gameplay additions? Is this how you'd like Pokemon GO and Pokemon Z to look? What other gameplay features would you introduce into the two most anticipated Pokemon games? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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