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It's all heating up now as we approach the highly anticipated release date for the DC's centerpiece movie, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), and this train ain't looking like it's gonna slow down anytime soon.

Not only will Dawn of Justice introduce Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne / Batman / Batfleck and Gal Gadot's Diana Prince / Wonder Woman into the DC extended universe, it's also going to set up the beginnings of the Justice League — one of the most exciting hero team ups in DC comics history.

So in the run up to release we've been getting all kinds of teasers dropped our way from DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. (thanks guys!), and another new clip was unveiled last night via the official Batman v Superman twitter.

Check it out below if you haven't seen it yet!

Batman's Going To War

Alfred: "You're gonna go to war?"
Bruce: "He's the one that brought the war to us! Count the dead. It's thousands of people. What's next? Millions? He has the power to wipe out the entire human race and if we believe there is even a 1% chance that he's our enemy we have to take it as an absolute certainty... And we have to destroy him."

Well, first off, clearly Batman doesn't understand how percentages work, a 1% chance is not equal to an absolute certainty. Silly Batman, go back to high school.

Bruce & Alfred (Jeremy Irons) argue
Bruce & Alfred (Jeremy Irons) argue

But all jokes aside, Batman's meaning here is clear. Superman / Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is so powerful that if there's even the smallest chance that he could pose a threat to the world he has to be taken out. One life, for the good of the world. That old chestnut.

But there's an interesting / weird comparison being made here; one that connects Bruce Wayne with White House politics...

It's Getting Political In Here

So Batman's 1% line is very obviously modeled after Ron Suskind's post-9/11 counter terrorism commentary The One Percent Doctrine, which takes its name from a (then Vice President) Dick Cheney quote regarding the Bush administration's response to terrorist threats:

"If there's a 1% chance that Pakistani scientists are helping al-Qaeda build or develop a nuclear weapon, we have to treat it as a certainty in terms of our response. It's not about our analysis ... It's about our response."

The One Percent Doctrine was written as a critique of the ways in which the Bush administration responded to terror threats, as Suskind accuses them of formulating their responses to further their own political goals.

So, running with this analogy, I guess that makes Batman George Bush? It wouldn't be the first time comparisons have been made. What does that make Superman? Is he... Obama!? Now that's a fight I'd like to see.

The plot thickens...
The plot thickens...

So, is Synder trying to make a comment here by aligning Bruce Wayne with the American Government's response to 9/11? It would make sense given the themes of the movie and what we've seen so far.

As we've been shown in the previous clips and promo materials, Bruce Wayne has a very intense (and understandable) reaction towards Superman after the massive damage caused to Metropolis during the climactic battle in Man of Steel, which prompts his campaign to bring down Superman.

Fans Are Loving Batfleck

Meanwhile, the Twitter reaction has been largely positive towards the new clip, with lots of praise for Ben Affleck's darker take on Batman.

But Superman isn't without his supporters too, and one Twitter user pointed out that the poor old Man of Steel is getting the short end of the stick here:

One thing is for sure, politics or not, it's shaping up be one hell of a showdown when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases in the US on March 25.

What did you think of the new clip? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or write your own article about it!


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